Totally Biased Fan Review – Wreck Me – Travis Collins

Travis Collins Wreck Me

This 9 track release from one of Australia’s finest country music sons is not quite and album and more than what I would regularly call an EEP. It has been labelled a rocking album, but I think that any album with the Eagles classic, Desperado on it plus a few other songs like Damn Girl,  Rainy Day (possibly the best thing that Travis has ever done) and Better than you found ’em …..well, who are they kidding, it is country.

Country is so diverse now that it covers many angles. Those three songs are pretty much as country as it comes in content and style. Travis is versatile enough to cover most genres, but he will always be a country boy, and thank God for that.

Having said all of that, it does sound a bit different to other Travis albums. That’s not a criticism of his other albums or a criticism of this one, it is a good thing to mix things up. Hard Light is and always will be my favourite Travis album. There’s no getting by that.

I am always hanging for a Travis album. You know that it is going to be good and you know that every song is going to be different to the one that you just played. It’s rocky, it’s bluesy, it’s country. Most of all, it is quality.

I think that the reviewers that I read must not know the 79 types of country music and how Travis covers so much ground.

This album was brought forward, rather than being delayed like so many have been at the moment. It was a nice surprise when I heard that.

Travis is still very young, and he has achieved so much in the now long time that he has been in the business. He started young, and you can follow his evolving career through his albums… He has always had a huge fan base and he has always had the respect of his peers, but in the last few years, he is finally getting recognition for all of the wonderful work that he has done over a long period of time.

Enjoy. I know that I will.



  • 1. Wreck Me
  • 2. Better Than You Found ‘Em
  • 3. Rainy Day
  • 4. Damn Girl
  • 5. Girl Outta The Country
  • 6. Own A Boat
  • 7. Make Up
  • 8. Weekend
  • 9. Desperado


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