Listen to the words – Playlist if I was on radio – 2 August 2020

Today I will do a special playlist to celebrate women in Australian Country Music. These are some of my very favourite songs from wonderful Australian singers and singer/songwriters. They are from all eras.

A Matter of Life and Breath – Wendy Wood

Think my Mama loved my Daddy – Cathy Dobson

I’ll Be Gone – Tania Kernaghan

Opposite Prayers – Beccy Cole

Dream Him Home – Melinda Schneider

Thorn in Your Side – Katie Brianna

The Bed That You Made – Harmony James

My Place in the World – Sally-Anne Whitten

Remember My Name – Allison Forbes

The Man Across The Street – Amber Lawrence

Bondwood Boat – Aleyce Simmonds

Woman in the Wind – Jodie Crosby

There’s Trouble in the Fields – The Crosby Sisters

These Hands – Jasmine Rae

Deepwater – Jen Mize

Albany – Jo Caseley

You Can Believe in Me – Anne Kirkpatrick

Queen of Boomtown – Gretta Ziller

Open Arms – Gayle O’Neil

Midnight Carousel – Arna Georgia

The Lighthouse – Ashleigh Dallas

Grandma’s Philosophy – Bec Hance

My Heart is Like a River – Bec Lavelle

Your Hand Slips Into Mine – Becci Nethery

Far Away – Lyn Bowtell (with Damon)

Dorothy May – Brittany Elise

46 Miles from Alice – Catherine Britt

So Many Roads – Chris E Thomas

10,000 Miles – Christie Lamb

Heaven Can’t Wait – Clancy Pye

Like Snow – Dana Hassall

Desert Water – Dani Young

My Turn Now – Della Harris

Then There’s Me – Dianna Corcoran

This Nurse – Emma Dykes

Erosion – Emma Jene

Land of Gold – Fanny Lumsden

Turn Out The Light – Felicity Urquhart

Two Stars Fell – Gina Jeffreys

Tell Me When It’s Over – Great Aunt

Your Anything At All – Imogen Clark

An Angel Said Hello – Ingrid Mae

Leather and Les Paul – Jade Holland

Solitary Mind – Jess Holland

Millionaires – Kasey Chambers and Beccy Cole

Little Bird – Kasey Chambers

Heart Bleed – Kate Hindle

Alone – Katie Bates

Dreamers Tired Mind – Katie Brooke

Let Music Give You Wings – Kel-Anne Brandt

40,000 Star Hotel – Kelly Brouhaha

I Will – Kirsty Lee Akers

Sweet English Rose – Kristy Cox

Hey Honey – Georgie Taylor

Cinderella – Kristy James

My Heart To Break – Kora Naughton

Songs Remember Me – Libby O’Donovan

La La La Not Listening – Lou Bradley

Treat You Better – The Maes

Someone You Know So Well – Marie Hodson (adopted Aussie)

Wild Mountain – Megan Cooper

Bury Me Sane – Melody Moko

House – The McClymonts

Love, She Loves Ne – Melody Pool

Take My Hand – Michaela Jenke

Sing Me A Memory – Michelle Gardiner

If We Said Goodbye – Natalie Henry

All Our Hearts – The New Graces

The Woman I Am – Nia Robertson

(I Don’t Wanna Be)  your baby now – Peta Caswell

Higher Than This Day – Phoebe Jay

Butterflies – Renee Jonas

The Old House on the Hill – Melissa Robertson

Sometimes you just know – Rose Carleo (with Drew)

Tell These Hands – Sara Storer

Rewind and Stop – Sarah McAdams

She’s Getting Stronger – Seleen McAlister with Drew

As I Am – Smith and Jones

One Way Ticket – Sophia Chesworth

Broken – Susan Lily

Simple Things – Tamara Stewart

Starting Over – Tara Favell

What it Takes – Tara Naysmith

Not My Time To Fly – Tori Darke

Johnny and June – Tori Forsyth

Girl in the Band – Tracy Coster

I saw Mama Cryin’ – Anderson Lane

Brave – Tracy Killeen

Tar and Cement  – Deneise Morrison

Just Down The Hall – Kalesti Butler

Wherever I Go – The Harmonators

Dancing in the Rain – Jane Saunders

Your Own Sweet Time – Shanley Del (adopted)

She Won’t Love You Like I Do – Amber Joy Poulton and Amber Lawrence

Song for Kay – Sandra Humphries

Steamy Dreams – Connie Kis Andersen

All Over By Christmas – Paula Standing




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