The Single Life – 2 August, 2020


I have never made a secret of the fact that I think that Cathy Dobson is probably the most underrated female songwriter in Australian Country Music. She proves me right again with her latest offering, A Farmer’s Lullaby. I know that Cathy is well respected by her peers and she has a cult following in Victoria, but this wonderful gal who has become a dear friend, is more deserving. Her songs need to be heard Australia wide and the world over. I love her storytelling and the way that she picks up on all that is real in her songs.

Another underrated female country artist is Clancy Pye. Her new single Heaven Can’t Wait, is wonderful. I spotted Clancy quite a few years ago now. Her brother, the equally talented Mickey Pye has gone from strength to strength but Clancy stayed in the background. She was in the finals of Starmaker this year and she has a huge future. She is sounding wonderful and her songs are beautifully written and thoughtful. Tissues for this one.

Dean Perrett hasn’t released anything for a while, but he is back with a beauty, Six Decks to Darwin. If you want country in its most raw form, then the dust is on the dashboard and the mud is on the tires with Dean’s music. Play them thar fiddles and get trucking.  Go Deano!

Everyone and his dog knows that I love The April Family. I usually love their music even before I hear it, but I have to admit that their latest took me a few plays to love it. It is a bit different to their other songs, a bit raunchier and punchier and it takes some getting used to….Fortune Teller is a bit of a shock at first but once you put your I’m used to other stuff from them thinking aside, it is a cool tune.

Pretty by Hayley Marsten. I have covered this wonderful song on my review of Hayley’s masterpiece, Spectacular Heartbreak, which is one of the best albums in the last 10 years.  It is a ripper, a thoughtful song which hits close to home for a lot of young women.

Travis Collins album has just been reviewed by me in the last few days. Rainy Day is an awesome song and probably the best thing that he has done.


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