Totally Biased Fan Review – Time Travel – The Family Sowell

The Family Sowell - Shop 4 Stuff

A bunch of young kids singing the classics….bluegrass style. They have awesome harmonies and amazing muso talents. Their parents weren’t even a twinkle in their grandparents’ eyes when some of these songs were written. Their readings of the songs are amazing and they add their own twist to them. They have serious writing cred themselves, but this is a fun project with some interesting choices….especially for a bluegrass/gospel band.

Never in a million years would I have thought that Hey Jude (as a religiously dedicated Beatles’ fan) would be transformed into a bluegrass song, but it works.

Jailhouse Rock (yes, I am an Elvis nut) on the other hand, always had that possibility, probably because I think of Elvis as a country boy first.

Somebody told me once that every song has country in it if you listen to it closely enough. I think actually, it may have been Jon Bon Jovi!

I wanna dance with somebody is a case in point. Who would have thought that Whitney’s song could have been converted. I actually listened to it again, between listens to the Family Sowell songs and I could hear it…who would have thunk it?

I love The Way You Look Tonight done bluegrass, the kids have been very adventurous, here, it sounds like it was meant to be bluegrass and no other style. One of the standouts.

I have to admit that Achy Breaky Heart is one of my least favourite country music songs of all time, but I went very close to liking it here. These kids can make me like anything.

As if they knew, the next song that they play is I Hope You Dance, which is one of my favourite songs of all time, in any genre. I have many friends who feel the same way. The Womack. So beautiful. Rollicking banjo and fiddles. Harmonies add to it. The Womack would be proud.

Ed Sheeran? I must admit, I am not a huge fan of a lot of modern pop, but Ed is one that I don’t mind. I am not that familiar with Beautiful People. These kids never cease to amaze me. Even when they do covers, which is rare, they do stuff which is outside the box.

I have become such a groupie of these guys, they are just so amazingly talented and lovely. They can turn a classic into a new classic, and they can write a fine tune. They are so broadminded in their taste and styles and so amazingly instrumentally and vocally sharp.

These guys are just awesome. Check them out.


Bye Bye Blackbird

The Way You Look Tonight

Candy Kisses

Jailhouse Rock

Hey Jude

Rhinestone Cowboy

I Wanna dance With Somebody

Achy Breaky Heart

I Hope You Dance

Beautiful People

Totally Biased Fan Review: Defined – Daniel Reeves

Defined (Signed Copy) | Daniel Reeves

Daniel Reeves is a bit of an enigma. There is very little info on the album or on him on the Internet and as I don’t have a hard copy, I don’t have much in the way of credits or explanations. It has gone to number 1. That should say something! Talk to Me, Into the sun and Life Goes On have been released as singles.

I can tell you what I do know from a basic inner country music radar. Daniel has some serious chutzpah as a songwriter and performer and it is music that can cross genres and crossover onto many charts. He has a gentle, approach to some pretty meaty subjects and he has a cool pop country touch.

Some of his songs are Beatlesque/ Roxy Music kind of songs but at the same time they have twang. Some of his music reminds me of Benny Allen as well, so there is an interesting music mixture going on there.

Even with the poppy/twangy sound, (almost 60’s), the songs have what essentially makes a country song…they are story songs, about the same things that a country song essentially touches on. Hope, broken hearts, journeys, love, the road, and of course….there is the one with the rodeo.

The guitars are pretty prominent and there is a backbeat (you can’t lose it, any old way you choose it) to some of the songs.

Coming Home to you is one of my faves and it has a touch of the Paul Kellys….never a bad thing! This one should be released as a single…it would fly up the charts!

Tonight Shines Bright is another fave. It sounds familiar, yet it is different. Love it.

Daniel has toured with Lee K and I think he may have rubbed off on the Big Time Rodeo….it sounds a bit W Brotherish and foot stomping latter Lee. Daniel’s voice is different on many of the tracks…he seems to adapt well to many styles.

It has Bryan Adams vibe in Time Just Slips Away….so he is mixing it up again.

Country Rock, Country Pop and some ballads, something to please everyone.

This World is another favourite, from the first couple of bars, there is a hook. twangy guitars and a cool rhythm. Love it.

Finishing it off with Travelling Man is again a little Paul Kellyish, and interestingly a little 8 Ball Aitkenish.

There is something wonderfully raw about this album, it is a mixture of styles and trends but it is also hopeful and promising – delivering an interesting blend which is hard to pigeon hole and exciting. I liked Daniel’s stuff from the first. He may not be a big name now, but I think that he will be, if he is given airplay and guidance. Go get ’em. He’s got the goods. Let him deliver.


01 – Daniel Reeves – Talk to Me
02 – Daniel Reeves – Into the Sun
03 – Daniel Reeves – Don’t Know Who I Can Trust
04 – Daniel Reeves – Life Goes On
05 – Daniel Reeves – Coming Home to You
06 – Daniel Reeves – Tonight Shines Bright
07 – Daniel Reeves – Big Time Rodeo
08 – Daniel Reeves – Time Just Slips Away
09 – Daniel Reeves – Looking Back Now
10 – Daniel Reeves – This World
11 – Daniel Reeves – Travelling Man

The Single Life – 28 January, 2021

The Top 45 7″ Singles That Changed The World! – The Best Longform Vinyl  Content Online
Some legends in this week’s single file as well as some new faces. Firstly, Troy Cassar-Daley with Back on Country from his forthcoming album, The World Today. Troy never disappoints. His music is as earthy and genuine as he is. I didn’t expect an album or single from Troy at this point of the year. I am glad that I was wrong.

Andy Penkow is one of my fave artists over the last few years. Protected Love is his latest, and it is a rippa. This guy is aimed for big things. He is just amazing.

Adam Harvey is one of our finest, and as a gal from the Central Coast/Tamworth and with a grandmother who was raised in Bundy, I just have to love this song. Adam does a lot of songs that involve booze, why not one more?

Gina Timms is one of the most genuine singer/songwriters in this country. The Angels and my Par is another example of the singer who is not afraid of wearing her heart on her sleeve and telling it like it is. This is a sad song, something that Gina does best, but learn from it. Keep it in your heart.

Daniel Reeves new album will be released very soon! This latest single is Life Goes On which is a mixture of The Monkees, The Beatles and some laid back country rock. Very listenable.

Duncan Phillips has released a double A sided single Drink, Sleep, Repeat and Give Him Time. There is an album looming, but as usual these days, Covid has stuffed things up a bit. Drink, Sleep, Repeat is one of those songs that remind you of either Uni days or travelling overseas on a gap year or on the smell of an oily rag. It is a catchy song with a touch of the old Beatlesque and and just a song for the ages.

The other song, Give him time is a rockin’, groovy song with some original r and b sound and a bit of a country rock vibe. Both singalong songs from a guy who can mix it up and let it roll.

Totally Biased Fan Review – No Snake in the Tree – Harry Hook (is real) (E)

This is the new album from long absent alt. country music artist, formerly known as Harry Hookey. Harry took some time out, went back to the bush (not far from where I live) and escaped for a while. This album will not be for everybody. Harry was always known as being a bit left of centre, controversial and unconventional, but in many people’s eyes, quite brilliant.

This is very much an album of musical experimentation, combining different mediums and effects to produce one of the most interesting albums of the last 10 years. As usual, Harry is not shying away from the big issues, and he is quite open to mixing music styles and throwing all of the 79 types of Country Music and some other genres into a big mixing pot and letting it combine and melt.

The E rating is fair to a point. It is not as explicit as other songs and albums have been, but maybe it is not just because of the minor swear words. Harry is rumoured to have played all of the instruments on this album, produced it and basically did everything on this album. The name change is because a certain company has the ownership of that other name.

Most of the songs have a country flavour, There are some familiar famous voices on here from interviews. Harry uses spoken word, some Gram Parsons/Townes Van Zandt sounding songs, old record crackling, sound effects and some fusion of styles here. Even after a half a dozen plays, I am still soaking up the different messages and sounds. It takes a few plays to get what is going down, but it is fascinating.

Without using the tired old cliche of a rollercoaster of emotions, it has to be said that the ride on this wild train is unique and varied. There is alt. country, mountain music, bluegrass, blues, folk, a fast paced section of one song that is almost like a country rap, No Snake Prelude is like a theme song to a movie, there’s those working class ballads and some almost Leonard Cohen feels.

The time out that Harry had was obviously spent researching, self examining and experimenting. This is no ordinary album. As I said, it will not appeal to everybody, but curiosity value is extreme. There are tracks to just mellow out to, but there are songs to examine, dissect and search the layers as well.

The melodies are the same as the words, complicated and complex at times, easy and relaxing at others, haunting at other times.

I have been criticized lately for my avoidance of some other artists who have taken a different turn in the road, but this is different. This is quality, this is adventurous, and it will probably not receive the publicity and certainly not the accolades of those particular works, but it should….it is far more deserving of attention. I will understand if people are hesitant, but I encourage you to give Harry a listen. You should at least appreciate the work that has gone into this album. It is amazingly intricate. I have a feeling that it will be critically acclaimed, but perhaps not a commercial success. I don’t think that Harry has ever intended to be a popular iconic figure, I think that he has always felt the need to express himself in an honest and original manner.

I have lots of albums, I have listened to lots of music, and I have never heard anything quite like this. Be bold, be daring, give Harry a spin.

Welcome back, Harry. Continue to push the envelope and try new things.


No Snake in the Tree

Stop.Look.Listen. Think

Some Shit Don’t Burn

Nashville Tennessee (both kinds)

Welcome to the Bigtime!

Hit Machine and B Side

No Snake Prelude

Stoned on a Monday

The Music

Rich White Man

You’ll forget me (Ozymandias)

No Snake Redux

Totally Biased Fan Review – Home Truths – Catherine Britt

Home Truths

Catherine Britt has had an amazing life, and she has only just turned 35. What Catherine offers in her albums, is what she offers to us fans in real life, a very personal look through her window. All of her albums are about Home Truths, this one is the first official one to be called that. She has never been one to mince words, she has always been brave about what she sings about and above all, she has always been totally honest. I have not yet received my hard copy, so I can’t give you all of the credits, only the bits and pieces that I have gathered from a few short articles on the Internet.

Catherine’s albums, like her concerts, are always very special. I have never been disappointed by any of them. Listening to a Catherine Britt album is like having her sitting in your loungeroom singing to you.

For Australian women, she has been an Icon, not just in music, but in life, through all of its ups and downs. When you meet her, she is this down to earth, natural, real person. There is nothing fake or high fallutin’ about her.

I am a country song, pretty much covers that. A country song (in its stereotypical form) covers a person who has lived and breathed the country and love gone wrong, drinking, the outback and all of that. This song is all of that, a life lived like a country song. (Of course, it is not about Catherine…well not all of it!)

Fav’Rit Song – about how a song can be something to relate to, something to ‘turn to when you are feeling blue’. It is sort of a female version of Luke O’Shea’s Listen to the Words.

The title track is a love song with a twist, maybe more of a command for love and simple truths, rather than settling for what is.

Country Fan is a duet with Lee Kernaghan. I guess that this song is about us….or is it?

Make a Diamond – ‘Hard times make a diamond shine’ could possibly be a line to describe 2020. The real friends, biggest loves, most loyal followers shine through when the going gets tough.

Gonna Be Mumma – The real story of someone who deals with all of the trials and tribulations that go with being a mother….in this case, a single mum who puts everything aside for a while just to be a mum.

Mother is a song about Catherine’s mother, or for Catherine’s mother, and quite possibly the most beautiful song on the album. If you know Catherine’s story, you will know that this story is very close to the truth. Catherine started off very young and went to live in America for a while, when she was still a teen. Most people know of Catherine’s cancer struggle and her life in general. This is a diary note of all of that.

Me is the latest single, and there are two versions, ‘the clean one’ and the ‘not so clean one’ thus an E rating in some circles. It is a little bit different to most of Catherine’s songs and I swear you will be going around the house all day going MeEEEEEEEEE.

Hard to love -features legend, Jim Lauderdale and has, again, some great lines – ‘so hard to love you but I love you so hard’. Pretty much what a couple goes through and if it is strong enough, it will bend but not break.

Original Sin . A great country song, Loretta would be proud to sing a song like this.

New Dawn – Again, a slightly different sound, but a catchy tune and a song of hope amongst the tough times.

Long Way Around – it has a train rhythm, a steady bluegrass kind of beat and a song with the appropriate amount of torch and twang for a country song.

Apart from Boneshaker, Catherine’s albums have been pretty much pure country, with a fresh coat of paint and a few more Is dotted and Ts crossed than most country albums.

Catherine is always authentic, personable, giving. This album is a generous serving of all that we love about Catherine and all that we admire.



  • 1. I Am A Country Song
  • 2. Fav’Rit Song
  • 3. Home Truths
  • 4. Country Fan (Duet w. Lee Kernaghan)
  • 5. Make A Diamond
  • 6. Gonna Be Mumma
  • 7. Mother
  • 8. Me
  • 9. Hard To Love (featuring Jim Lauderdale)
  • 10. Original Sin
  • 11. New Dawn
  • 12. Long Way Around

Produced by Catherine Britt and Michael (Muchow) Moko

Mixed by Ted Howard

Mastered by Jim DeMain

All songs written or co-written by Catherine Britt

The Single Life 9th January 2021

The Top 45 7″ Singles That Changed The World! – The Best Longform Vinyl  Content Online

Sorry for the delay since the Kazzies, these are the singles since then.

I have to mention the duo who I have affectionately nicknamed, God and his apprentice, Cornell and Carr, (technically Carr and Cornell, but God is too modest to put himself first, even though age, experience and alphabetically wise, Mike Carr should come before Matt Cornell). In any case, these two are gems and What Kind of World is a super song, released on the chimes of Midnight, New Year’s Eve/New Year’s Day. It is very Beatlesque, anthemic and apt for these times. Bravo.

Young Jack Rodgers has released a song called Mona Lisa (no, not Nat King Cole’s song). This young fella has the most beautiful voice. It is such a lovely song, gently fueled with gin and whiskey. Watch this young fella, he has massive potential.

My dear friend has released Thank you for Cheatin’ on Me, not the Corky song of the same name, but definitely has the same sentiment. Cec sings low and bluesy where Corky sings as high as the sky. Both songs carry the same message and spirit. Both have moved on to bigger and better things. There’s some fine picking in this song too.

Daniel Reeves is on a roll, kind of a rock n roll…..Talk to me is a cool country rock track that will have you singing along and dancing when you are allowed too. Album out soon.

Allan Caswell has released a song which already featured as a nomination in the Kazzies and on my top 109 but it is now officially a single. Too Blue for this right now is a very relatable song and a song which is very close to Allan’s heart and mine. If anyone has just lost someone (in this case, our Mums) who is very dear to them, then you will understand. Another wonderful song from The Master.

Stay tuned for some new music soon.

Totally Biased Fan Review: Scars – Collin Raye

Collin Raye - Scars - Music

Collin Raye has been one of my favourites for a very long time. His songs either melt me or make me think. Deanna Carter once described him as the thinking woman’s country music singer….or something like that.

All of his sweet songs from the nineties are not that far behind us. This album is a mixture of some of those similar sweet songs, but also there are some more hard hitting songs and some hard hitting songs too

With the injection of Vince Gill and Miranda Lambert and long awaited new songs, this album has been a find.

Like Vince, he has been noted for his sensitivity and his high notes. Collin obviously is trying to mix things up here, and his voice is a little bit more husky and not quite as high as it used to be….but that is ok.

At 60, Collin is still delivering. From 60’s style, to trad. country, to more pumped up songs and the ballads that he does so well, this is an album to treasure.

The man who brought us such classics as Love, Me, In This Life, That Was A River, One Boy, One Girl, Not That Different, The Gift, brings us a collection of songs which change by number on the list.

For the most part, he sticks to what he knows best – thoughtful, moving songs with a message. There are some numbers which are more up tempo and less meaningful, but the majority are what we expect from one of the greatest Country Music male performers of all time.

01 – Ghost Stories
02 – Scars (feat. Dan Auerbach)
03 – Bad Storm Coming Tonight
04 – Dancing Alone in the Street
05 – Never Going Back There Again
06 – Loved by an Angel
07 – Rodeo Girl
08 – Chasing Renee
09 – I’ve Got a Lot to Drink About
10 – Ever Making up Time
11 – Let It Go Away
12 – Rock n Roll Bone
13 – Young as We’re Ever Gonna Be
14 – Mama Sure Could Sing

  1. Ghost Stories
  2. Scars (w/ Miranda Lambert)
  3. Bad Storm Coming Tonight
  4. Dancing Alone in the Street
  5. Never Going Back There Again
  6. Loved By An Angel
  7. Rodeo Girl (w/ Vince Gill)
  8. Chasing Renee
  9. I’ve Got A Lot to Drink About
  10. Ever Making Up Time
  11. Let It Go Away
  12. Rock ’n’ Roll Bone
  13. Young As We’re Ever Gonna Be
  14. Mama Sure Could Sing

Totally Biased Fan Review: J.T. – Steve Earle and The Dukes

Steve Earle & The Dukes: 'J.T.' Album Review - Paste


by Steve Earle & The Dukes

1.I Don’t Care 01:54
2.Ain’t Glad I’m Leaving 02:52
3.Maria 02:46
4.Far Away In Another Town 03:06
5.They Killed John Henry 02:34
6.Turn Out My Lights 02:35
7.Lone Pine Hill 02:43buy track
8.Champagne Corolla 03:35
9.The Saint Of Lost Causes 05:01
10.Harlem River Blues 03:10
11.Last Words 04:21

This is the album that Steve Earle never wanted to make….shouldn’t have had to make. For the record, all of the profits go to Justin Townes Earle’s daughter, Etta James Earle. This is an album of Justin’s songs, who died at 38 in 2020. I love this family. I loved Justin, I love Steve, I love Steve’s ex wife, Allison Moorer and I love Justin’s namesake, Townes Van Zandt. There’s a whole lot of love there and not just their music. I also loved the fact that Steve recorded a wonderful song with my country music grandson, Angus Gill, last year.

Justin and Steve didn’t always have the greatest relationship, but in later years, they recovered. If anyone was to make a tribute album to one of the finest young singer/songwriters of our time, it was Steve.

Only one of the songs on the album is an original, the last one, called, aptly, Last Words – My last words to you were I love you, your last words to me were I love you too…

If your heart doesn’t break into a thousand pieces when you hear this song, then you must be a robot.

Justin had the ability to be one of the legends of this genre…he still probably will be remembered as such, but it was a strong possibility that he would go on to be even a greater force. He had a bit of Steve in him and a bit of Townes and he knew how to write and sing a song that you could all relate to.

This is not a sad album, apart from the last track, which is heartfelt, Steve has chosen carefully the songs that Justin wrote and performed, mostly more upbeat tracks. Justin mixed it up and Steve does too.

This is a hard review to do. It is also a special one. The music is Justin and Steve and as Steve said, it is the only way that he knows how to say goodbye.

The great thing with artists is that their legacy goes on forever, long after they are gone. We will always love you, Justin and the wonderful music that you gave us. Steve, I salute you, you are an incredible man to do this for your son and for us. Thank you.

Totally Biased Fan Review – Mountain Man – Jed Zarb EEP

Jed Zarb - Mountain Man - Daily Play MPE®Daily Play MPE®

If you look like a mountain man, sing like a mountain man, talk like a mountain man, chances are that you are a mountain man. There is no doubt that all of these things are Jed Zarb.

Jed co-wrote one of the most beautiful songs of 2020, Stay for a While with Warren H Williams and Dylan Burrows. You automatically start waltzing or swaying when it comes on.

Hillbilly Cider was released as a single with Dani Young and is as mountainish as you can get. If you look close enough, there is a bottle of Moonshine there too.

The Archibald Hotel was named after the Hotel in the Blue Mountains. I think that Jed played there on New year’s Eve

Song for Rosie is played simply the first time, then the second time with an allstar covid cast. It is mainly Jed’s family, but you will recognise some familiar folks.

Battlescarred guitar – I have seen a picture of it, and really, it looks brand spanking new (to quote Beth Brown) compared to Willie Nelson’s Trigger, but the story is still great.

Jed offers something different in Aussie country music. It is American Mountain Music done the Aussie way.

It is catchy, soulful, thoughtful and memorable. Well done, Jed.


Mountain Man (Jed Zarb)

Hillbilly Cider (Jed Zarb/Dani Young)

Battle Scarred Guitar (Jed Zarb)

Stay for a While (Jed Zarb/Warren H Williams/Dylan Burrows)

Song for Rosie (Radio Edit) (Jed Zarb)

The Archibald Hotel (Jed Zarb/Samantha Mosely)

Song for Rosie – Feat. Covid All Stars Choir (Jed Zarb)

All songs produced and arranged by Jed Zarb


Grant Bunter, Brad Kimber, Dylan Burrows, Jed Zarb, Saul Santilli, Johnny Zarb, Pixie Jenkins, Patrick Bieissel, Barb Webb, Michael Dolce, Backing Vocals – Jed Zarb, Dani Young, Imogen Clark, The Robertson Brothers, Fiona Beattie, Johnny Zarb.

Allstars Choir – Adam Zarb, Jodie O’Brien, Bethany Boardman, Maddie Mosely, Sam Cockerell, Fiona Beattie, Johnny Zarb, Denise Zarb, Elijah Zarb, Gary Wharton, Warren Kearney, Eulalie O’Keefe, Amanda Webster, Kylie Adams-Collier, Maria Stefanec, Chrissie Bunter, Malinka Tatin, Jose, Rory Ellis, Jason Rodziewicz, David Jones, Glenn Campbell, Grant Bunter, Pixie Jenkins, Clive Hay

Totally Biased Fan Review: Pretty Pennies – Amber Joy Poulton

Amber Joy Poulton - Home | Facebook

There are some things in life that there are too few of – good, clean water; Robert Redford movies, cures for major diseases and Amber Joy Poulton albums.

I guess with A.J. as I have called her for years, so as not confuse her with my other favourite Amber, (Lawrence), produces quality over quantity.

A.J. has recorded and performed some amazing tributes to Loretta, Tammy, Dolly, Linda, Patsy and Shania and many others. She is fabulous at these shows, but I like her best when she is A.J.

Under the guiding light of Sam Hawksley, who always does a great job of steering Amber Joy in the right direction, does it again with this album.

In a country music world which offers 79 types of country music these days, A.J. dips her voice box into a few different waters, but you can always hear the torch and twang in her songs.

Her looks are ageless and so is her music. There is a rumour that a lot of these songs had been sitting in a treasure chest somewhere and they needed to be completed and given a bit of tlc. In a year when we have all needed a bit of extra tlc, we can ride along with the songs and probably relate a little more than usual.

Fellow South Australian, Kelly Brouhaha, who had an amazing album in 2019 and who has been touring with Beccy Cole, contributes majorly to the songwriting on this album, as does Sam and of course, Amber Joy herself. My old mate, Doug Bruce even contributes and there is a wonderful bonus with Beccy and Felicity singing along to Blue Bayou, the Roy Orbison/Linda Ronstadt classic.

A different version to one of my favourite songs, True Love Travels On A Gravel Road is almost unrecognisable but in a good way!

Interestingly, the album starts with a song called Goodbye from Me – is A.J. Irish? It is a rollicking, uptempo song which will have the dancers up dancing when they can dance and clapping and stomping.

In a somewhat reversal of Beccy Cole’s Shiny Things, A.J. sings Things that used to Shine, which some interesting lines. I could relate heavily to this song…..someone who has a room full of second hand books and all second hand furniture knows about these things.

Stone Cold – has a real Brouhaha, Brouhaha, Brouhaha touch.

It’s too late is not written by A.J nor is it the Carole King song, but it sounds like it was written for her. It is so country that the hay bales fall off the tractor and the horse gets ready to have his saddle put on.

My mate, Kaylene ‘Fronty’ Pittaway will be line dancing to Let Me Go. I may have to bring the air guitar out.

Jenny’s Song provides the line that forms the title track. It takes a few listens as it has a few more layers than most, but I like that.

The next song is very clever, and if you are a country music fan, you will know exactly what Ruby’s Reply is about. I won’t spoil it for you, but it is a cracker. It is good to get both sides of the story!

Under the Rainbow is a pretty little simple song that is just a sweet ditty with a basic message.

From sweet to soultry, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot has Brouhaha all over it. Add some sixties/fifties almost doowop and some Kelly cheekiness and you have the complete antithesis of the previous song. Lock up your sons. Miaow!

Amber didn’t write the next one, but it is like it has been written by a clone. Me and Loretta has A.J. all over it. You could never mistake A.J for anything other than country. Even with her more 21st century songs, her sound is all 70’s country, and that is fine with me.

The album finishes off with Blue Bayou as aforementioned.

The album has some amazing co-writers, Sam, Matt and Jeff behind the scenes and a stellar cast of fine musicians. The star is A.J. though, in all her guises, but it is so great to have some new music from her to play.

Go to her website and get a package, there are some great ones to order and/or go to a gig if you can.

Amber Joy is back, but really she has always been there, in our hearts, and there is always one thing certain about Amber Joy Poulton, you always get quality and you always get country….well that’s two things.


Goodbye From Me – Amber/Kelly Brouhaha and Sam Hawksley

Things That Used To Shine – Doug and Telisha Williams

Stone Cold – Amber Joy Poulton and Kelly Brouhaha

It’s Too Late – Amy Speace/Jonathan Byrd

Let Me Go – Amber/Kelly/Sam

True Love Travels on A Gravel Road – Dallas Frazier and Arthur L Owens

Jenny’s Song – Amber/Kelly/Sam

Ruby’s Reply – Amber, Doug Bruce, Sam

Under The Rainbow – Denis Surmon

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot – Amber, Kelly, Sam

Me and Loretta – Amber Hayes

Bonus Blue Bayou – Roy Orbison with Beccy Cole and Felicity Urquhart

Produced by Sam Hawksley

Mixed by Matt Fell

Mastered by Jeff McCormack


Sam – Guitars and Dobro, Tiple, Bouzouki, Pedal Steel, Backing Vocals

Dan Dugmore – Pedal Steel

Camille Te Nahu – Backing Vocals

Eamon McLoughlin – fiddle

Josh Schuberth – Drums

Peter King and Bill Risby – Keyboards

James Farrell – Piano