Totally Biased Fan Review – Space to Breathe – Casey Burgess

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Name and face seem familiar? Casey worked with Hi 5 and she has also appeared in some movies and tv programmes. For people of my generation, the last name brings an obvious connection. Her Dad is Australian pop/rock star of the 70’s, Ray Burgess. Casey shows on this album that she not just a legend’s daughter, however, or for that matter, any of the things that she has already been.

Under the guidance of savvy and smart producer, Sam Hawksley, who is an Aussie muso/producer who is now based in America, Casey proves that she is a legit artist in her own right.

Her music is listed on Itunes as country, but as open as country is, these days, her music can spread across a few genres.

Her songwriting chops are apparent here, as well as a sweet, pure voice, which delivers some beautiful ballads and some more up tempo country pop tracks. You Might Love Me is a fantastic example of both.

Even when the songs verge on a more poppy feel, they are not bubblegum songs, they all have a bit of a message to them, without being preachy.

There are some toe tapping, shoulder shifting songs and some relax in your lounge chair songs too.

Lemon Tree is not the old folk song, re-jigged, but it is an interesting little song and one of my favourites on the album. There are some nice keys in here.

Some of the songs remind me of Aleyce Simmonds’ style. Five Minute Fairytale is one of them. I really like this song.

Are You Kidding has a cool beat to it and will definitely get you up on your feet.

Movin’ On has more of a country bluesy feel. Casey mixes it up a bit, which is great. This is a cool song.

Are you coming with me has some clever lyrics and it is definitely a winner….I would definitely have this as a single if it hasn’t been already released as one. Top song.

The album is rounded off my a LIVE version of You Might Love Me.

This is definitely an album to listen to on a lazy Sunday afternoon or somewhere around midnight. It has a mixture of styles and moods. A chip off the old block, sure, but she is a star in her own right. Enjoy, folks, and encourage young singer/songwriters. We have an amazing amount of wonderful ones in Australia who don’t get enough recognition.


  • 1. A Little More Love
  • 2. Good For Me
  • 3. You Might Love Me
  • 4. Space To Breathe
  • 5. Unapologetically
  • 6. Maybe Its Better
  • 7. Lemon Tree
  • 8. Five Minute Fairytale
  • 9. Are You Kidding?
  • 10. Movin On
  • 11. Are You Coming With Me?
  • 12. You Might Love Me (Bonus Live Recording)

Produced by Sam Hawksley

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