Country Connections – Trisha Yearwood and Dianna Corcoran

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The girl from Parkes and the girl from Georgia have two of the most beautiful voices in the world. Our Corky, Dianna, is more of a songwriter than Trisha and I am not sure if Corky cooks like Trisha, but these two women have a lot in common when it comes to song choices and vocal abilities. I can only imagine if they teamed up for a duet what it would sound like. Here are a few examples of their work, and yes, there is a similarity in their looks, though Corky is quite a few years younger.

They are without a doubt, two of the main reasons that I listen to country music.


Country Connections – Emmylou Harris and Catherine Britt

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I have had many suggestions about who to match our Catherine up with. Most arrows pointed to Dolly, but I think that Emmylou is a better match. No doubt, Catherine and Emmylou have their own special attributes that make them individually brilliant. However, these two gals have a lot in common. They can cross boundaries, they can appeal to all ages, they have had some big things happen in their lives – super tough personal battles and they just know how to soar and rise above their predicaments. They have two of the richest voices in country music and they can do a mean duet or collaboration with folks from all genres. Dolly has a lot of these qualities too, but these two are more evenly balanced. Country connections looks at many different things that bring two artists together. Both of these artists have shown longevity, power, strength and beauty in their work and what they do outside of it. They could be as comfortable in rock, pop or folk as they are in country or bluegrass.  They are also two of the most genuine women that you could ever come across. Here are some examples of their beautiful music.

Country Connections – Merle Haggard and Bill Chambers

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Country Connections endeavours to match an Aussie country musician with an International one. It may be a look, a style, a sound, a voice, a personality or just the all round musicianship and what they represent in music circles and to the general adoring public.

When I think of Bill Chambers, I think of a mentor to young and aspiring musicians, a man who can play just about anything and play it on the spot. He’s a father figure to many and a father to a few pretty sensational younger acts. He helps promote Australian Country Music both here and overseas. He quietly picks along in the background often, allowing others to shine. He is one of our most underrated musicians. His solo efforts have contained songs about driving, drinking and broken hearts in his husky voice and storytelling style. I thought of pairing him with Willie Nelson at first because of his mentoring, his longevity and his look and outlaw way, but mainly because of his unbelievable guitarmanship. However, Damian Cafarella suggested Merle and I thought yes, because Willie and Merle are similar in many ways, but Merle did it more subtly, like Bill. Bill Chambers is a National treasure here in Australia, a very important cog in our country music wheel. He even has a room named after him in The Pub in Tamworth, and he is still kicking.

Merle was and is a mentor to many. He was in the crowd at a jail when Johnny Cash famously appeared and that changed his life. Merle and Bill have that quiet outlaw about them, saying most of what they need to say in their music and in their actions, rather than being forthright about it in their speech. Merle is gone from this world now, but his music will live on and he is admired, like Bill, by many generations of fans.

Country Connections – Episode 8 – Sally-Anne Whitten and Bonnie Raitt

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For those who don’t know, Country Connections is about matching an Australian Country Music artist with an International one. These two ladies connect on many levels. Though they are generations apart in ages, they have the same soulful, blues, funktry kind of sound. They are diverse in their presentation and they are both great entertainers. They are both full of vim and vigour and they are strong women role models. Sal has been in a musical or two. Bonnie’s Dad was in the PJ game (as I call it) with Doris Day. They are both great ballad singers too.

I’ll give you a few examples – see what you think.

Country Connections – Episode 7 – Kirsty Lee Akers and Kacey Musgraves


I made an eleventh hour decision on this one. I nearly matched up our Kirsty Lee with Dolly Parton, but I had a change of heart. The more that I thought about it, the more I thought of these two together and Dolly with another Aussie country gal.

These two straight shooters, with grit, determination and twang when they want to and mixing it up when they want to are a perfect connection.

Until Covid, Kirsty Lee Akers was spending a lot of time splitting the year between Nashville and Australia, but of course this has grounded her. I have been lucky enough to see both of these great young talents LIVE and I own all of their albums. I think that I have heard enough and seen enough to join the dots. Let me know what you think.

Enough Sass and Smooth to fill a tank. Two fine young stars.



Country Connections Episode 6 – Gretta Ziller and Mary Chapin Carpenter

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For those who don’t know, this blog segment is about connecting two artists from the world of country music – one from Australia and one from America or Canada.

They all have something in common – personality or looks or style or voice or songwriting or general musicianship. Sometimes it is just one of these, sometimes a few, sometimes all of the above.

These two are also connected by the fact that they are definitely two of my favourite country women of all time.

They don’t sound the same – nobody sounds like Gretta, nobody sounds like Mary, they both have unique voices – which I guess is a connection in itself. They write about similar things, they have a similar truth and value system to their lyrics and their music. If I only had the choice of ten female artists music to keep, these two would be in my top 10.

They are both treasures. Listen and enjoy to the wonderful talents of two fine musicians and humans.


Country Connections – Episode 5 – John Denver and Darren Colston

john-denver    DarrenColston

John Denver once said that his music was not country and western (in the days when it was called that.) He said that he thought of his music as western. He wrote about the rivers and the mountains and wildlife and the environment and of roads and journeys and feelings. Perhaps the same could be said for my dear friend, my brother from another mother, Darren Colston. If ever I want to chill, I listen to these two. Strangely enough, if ever I ever want to contemplate life’s fortunes and misfortunes, I listen to these two as well. They have a mutual love for characters and history and all that encompasses them. I have never known two songwriters who have such a depth of feeling for these important things. Both of them have two of the most distinctive and beautiful voices in country music as well. You always know that it is John, you always know that it is Darren.

I wonder if you will hear what I hear. Enjoy two of my very favourite musos of all time.


Country Connections – Episode 4 – Lachlan and Kris

LachlanBryan  Kris Kristofferson Songs of Kristofferson

In this episode of Country Connections – we match two of the finest singer songwriters that I have ever known, American Kris Kristofferson, who wrote my favourite ever country song, Sunday Morning Coming Down and Lachlan Bryan, who has written some of my favourite Aussie country music songs. These two guys exude intelligence, have the most amazing way with words and they connect with folks all over the world with their unique delivery and style. They write songs that mean something and that have many layers. Neither of them take themselves seriously, but they have amazing gifts that keep on giving. Fine musicians and singer/songwriters, generations apart but amazingly similar.

N.B. Yes, at times they look a wee bit alike too!

N.B.B. Thanks to the other wonderful Wildes too.

Country Connections – Episode 3 – Vince and Troy

Vince-Gill   Troy_Cassar-Daley_Live

For those who don’t know, Country Connections is about linking an Aussie Country Music Artist to an American one. It may be in looks, personality, style, values, heart, musicianship, writing or voices, or just some of those things or one of them. This one was suggested by multi Kazzie award winning musician, producer and member of Lachlan Bryan and the Wildes, Damian Cafarella, I had both Vince and Troy linked to some others in my brain but when this was suggested, I started thinking of all the possibilities. They are both very sensitive guys, who have beautiful voices, who can connected to traditional country music lovers and to new generation ones. The write beautiful songs and some tongue in cheek ones. They write songs with great meaning and they both know how to laugh and cry better than any other musos that I know. They both can play a guitar and they are both versatile. They are also, awesome blokes. Two legends of country music in their own backyards but also their messages and music are as relevant all over the world as they are at home.

Country Connections – Episode 2 – Beccy Cole and Anne Murray

beccy cole1228_v9_ba

Country Connections is about connecting the music of an Australian artist with one from overseas. When we think about Beccy Cole, we usually think about Dolly Parton.  She is a self confessed uber fan of Dolly and in her shows, there is definitely that element. For many years, I wondered who Beccy sounded like. As much as she entertained and wrote like Dolly, she didn’t really sound like her. Beccy has her own unique qualities, but when she made the album with Melinda Schneider, the two covered the Great Women of Country… of them was Anne Murray the Canadian songbird. Bingo.  I have been a fan of Anne’s since I started following country music when I was a little girl. Why hadn’t I picked it?  Have a listen, and see what you think.


Am I the only one who sees and hears this. Let me know how you think and feel. In the meantime, enjoy these two beautiful women, trailblazers and singers.