A Bob Playlist no. 2.

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There were artists that I couldn’t fit in last list and it was because Bob loved so many. I keep thinking of more that he would have played, here are some more! This is the song before Chris Lee’s theme song of Country On:

Connie Kis Andersen –  On the other side of midnight

Clelia Adams – Wildflowers

The Crosby Sisters – Trouble in the fields

Alice Benfer – A little bit flirty

Brad Butcher – Well Dressed Man

Bruce McCumstie – Georgina’s Son

Rob Wilson and Tara Naysmith – Do You Want To Dance

Andrew Swift – Runaway Train

Melody Moko – The Wreckage

Lloyd Clarke – Threading the Eye of the Needle

Brad Cole – Come Home

Alby Poole – I’ve Convinced Everybody but me

Kalesti Butler – Ride Cowboy

8 Ball Aitken – Cyclone Country

Paul Costa – Right Back At Ya

Katie Brianna – King

Harmony James – 30,000Feet

Chris Staff – Crankin’

Cathy Dobson – Ball and Chain

There are a lot of artists out now that I know Bob would love. When I moved to Victoria we had a lot of long phone calls where he would ask me who have I heard, who have I seen. I sent him some music, he liked Peter Smokie Dawson, Benny Allen, etc and a lot of the rockier songs, which he loved most.

I will finish part 2 with this one.


A special playlist – What Bob Browne would pick….probably! Country On.

I usually do a playlist most weeks of my favourites, what I would play on radio at the moment, etc. Given my association with Bob Browne on radio and the fact that he passed away on Friday, I am going to put up a list of some of Bob’s favourites, in no particular order. I am not putting current singles or artists since Bob finished on radio, just ones that we played together and others that we talked about after he hung up the mic. In no particular order, and as a tribute to Bobby, here is Country On.

Chris Lee – Get your Country On (of course)

Jayne Denham – Trucker Chicks

Gretta Ziller – Hell’s Half Acre

The Weeping Willows – Pale Rider

Fanny Lumsden – Bravest of Hearts

Natalie Howard – You ain’t worth the rain

Susan Lily – You Only Kiss Me When You’re Drunk /Miss you Much

Pete O’Brien – (with Bre Ferguson) The Road /When We Were Young

Adam Toms – Sugar Lips

Amber Joy Poulton – Trouble Looks Good On You

Marie Hodson – Hello Darlin’

Sandra Humphries – Tennessee Waltz

Aleyce Simmonds – Believe

Aly Cook – Western Line

Melissa Robertson – Until We Meet Again / My Heart’s On Fire

Roo Arcus – Let’s Get Out Of Here

Doug Bruce – Coffey Road

Gayle O’Neil – Forever By My Side

Kora Naughton – Wrong

Christie Lamb –  Cowboy

Amber Lawrence – Super Heroes

Tracey Davis – The Silence of Missing You

The Long and Short of It – Gypsy White Moon

Col Finley – Rich With Friends/My Place

Billy Bridge and Rebecca Lee Nye – We Knew

Billy Bridge – If I Get to the Rainbow

Emma Jene – Yahoo

Phoebe Jay – 14 cents at the gate

Travis Collins – Full Tank

Sally-Anne Whitten – I Wish I was in Memphis

Allison Forbes – Fire and Guns

Catherine Britt and Friends – F U Cancer

Luke O’Shea and Dianna Corcoran – New England Sky

Kel Anne Brandt – Green Door

Allan Caswell – When We were Young and Stupid

Lachlan Bryan and The Wildes – Til We Meet Again

Ben Ransom –  Bourbon and Sunsets

Nia Robertson – Red Dust Woman

Karl Broadie – Black Crow Calling/Count Your Blessings

The April Family – Pages of Us





Playlist – Do it, Duets 9/8/2020

Some fave duets for today’s Aussie Country Playlist – old and new.

Hunter Kaine and Shane Nicholson – Long Way from Lonely

Innocent Eve – Mixed Bag

Aaron D’Arcy and Dani Young – Postcards

Adam and Brooke – Out of My Hands

Aleyce Simmonds and Lachlan Bryan – My Life Drives Me to Drink

Allan Caswell and Jen Mize – That’s Why Lonely People Drink

Andrew Swift and Gretta Ziller – Second Hand

Anne Kirkpatrick and Bill Chambers – Here We Are

Ben Ransom and Phil Emmanuel – Rock this town and Roll

Carter and Carter – We are Family

Clint Wilson and Jen Mize – One Button at a Time

Cornell and Carr – Things I Leave Behind

Darren Coggan and Felicity – Inasmuch

The Davidson Brothers – All You Need is Music

Dianna Corcoran and Gary Burr – Not Ready to Lose

Emma Jene and Angus Gill – Fly on The Wall

Gareth Leach and Michaela Jenke – My Crime

Gayle O’Neil and Andrew Swift – Drive Him Crazy

Gina Jeffreys and Lee Kernaghan – He Still Wants To Dance

Grazy’s Country – They Are Returned Veterans

Great Aunt – Oh, Won’t You Save Me

Hayley Jensen and Beccy Cole – Angel

Jen Mize and Duncan Toombs – Forget Her

Evelyn Bury and Justin Standley – Love and Happiness for You

Kasey Chambers and Beccy Cole – Millionaires

Kasey Chambers and Shane Nicholson – The Quiet Life

The Long an Short of It – Jesus Money

Luke O’Shea and Lyn Bowtell – Sing Me A Story

The Maes – Stay Home

Marie Hodson and Lachlan Bryan – Back to Earth

Melinda Schneider and Billy Thorpe – When the Last Child leaves home

Montgomery Church – Your Troubled Mind

Rex and Ashleigh Dallas – Kitchen Table

Shelley Minson and Bobby Cash – Small Talk

Smith and Jones – The Train Song

End of Part 1





Listen to the words – Playlist if I was on radio – 2 August 2020

Today I will do a special playlist to celebrate women in Australian Country Music. These are some of my very favourite songs from wonderful Australian singers and singer/songwriters. They are from all eras.

A Matter of Life and Breath – Wendy Wood

Think my Mama loved my Daddy – Cathy Dobson

I’ll Be Gone – Tania Kernaghan

Opposite Prayers – Beccy Cole

Dream Him Home – Melinda Schneider

Thorn in Your Side – Katie Brianna

The Bed That You Made – Harmony James

My Place in the World – Sally-Anne Whitten

Remember My Name – Allison Forbes

The Man Across The Street – Amber Lawrence

Bondwood Boat – Aleyce Simmonds

Woman in the Wind – Jodie Crosby

There’s Trouble in the Fields – The Crosby Sisters

These Hands – Jasmine Rae

Deepwater – Jen Mize

Albany – Jo Caseley

You Can Believe in Me – Anne Kirkpatrick

Queen of Boomtown – Gretta Ziller

Open Arms – Gayle O’Neil

Midnight Carousel – Arna Georgia

The Lighthouse – Ashleigh Dallas

Grandma’s Philosophy – Bec Hance

My Heart is Like a River – Bec Lavelle

Your Hand Slips Into Mine – Becci Nethery

Far Away – Lyn Bowtell (with Damon)

Dorothy May – Brittany Elise

46 Miles from Alice – Catherine Britt

So Many Roads – Chris E Thomas

10,000 Miles – Christie Lamb

Heaven Can’t Wait – Clancy Pye

Like Snow – Dana Hassall

Desert Water – Dani Young

My Turn Now – Della Harris

Then There’s Me – Dianna Corcoran

This Nurse – Emma Dykes

Erosion – Emma Jene

Land of Gold – Fanny Lumsden

Turn Out The Light – Felicity Urquhart

Two Stars Fell – Gina Jeffreys

Tell Me When It’s Over – Great Aunt

Your Anything At All – Imogen Clark

An Angel Said Hello – Ingrid Mae

Leather and Les Paul – Jade Holland

Solitary Mind – Jess Holland

Millionaires – Kasey Chambers and Beccy Cole

Little Bird – Kasey Chambers

Heart Bleed – Kate Hindle

Alone – Katie Bates

Dreamers Tired Mind – Katie Brooke

Let Music Give You Wings – Kel-Anne Brandt

40,000 Star Hotel – Kelly Brouhaha

I Will – Kirsty Lee Akers

Sweet English Rose – Kristy Cox

Hey Honey – Georgie Taylor

Cinderella – Kristy James

My Heart To Break – Kora Naughton

Songs Remember Me – Libby O’Donovan

La La La Not Listening – Lou Bradley

Treat You Better – The Maes

Someone You Know So Well – Marie Hodson (adopted Aussie)

Wild Mountain – Megan Cooper

Bury Me Sane – Melody Moko

House – The McClymonts

Love, She Loves Ne – Melody Pool

Take My Hand – Michaela Jenke

Sing Me A Memory – Michelle Gardiner

If We Said Goodbye – Natalie Henry

All Our Hearts – The New Graces

The Woman I Am – Nia Robertson

(I Don’t Wanna Be)  your baby now – Peta Caswell

Higher Than This Day – Phoebe Jay

Butterflies – Renee Jonas

The Old House on the Hill – Melissa Robertson

Sometimes you just know – Rose Carleo (with Drew)

Tell These Hands – Sara Storer

Rewind and Stop – Sarah McAdams

She’s Getting Stronger – Seleen McAlister with Drew

As I Am – Smith and Jones

One Way Ticket – Sophia Chesworth

Broken – Susan Lily

Simple Things – Tamara Stewart

Starting Over – Tara Favell

What it Takes – Tara Naysmith

Not My Time To Fly – Tori Darke

Johnny and June – Tori Forsyth

Girl in the Band – Tracy Coster

I saw Mama Cryin’ – Anderson Lane

Brave – Tracy Killeen

Tar and Cement  – Deneise Morrison

Just Down The Hall – Kalesti Butler

Wherever I Go – The Harmonators

Dancing in the Rain – Jane Saunders

Your Own Sweet Time – Shanley Del (adopted)

She Won’t Love You Like I Do – Amber Joy Poulton and Amber Lawrence

Song for Kay – Sandra Humphries

Steamy Dreams – Connie Kis Andersen

All Over By Christmas – Paula Standing




Listen to the Words – Kaz’s playlist 26th July if I was on radio.

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.

Intro: Listen to the words – Luke O’Shea

Change – Arna Georgia

Last Cigarette – Melody Moko

Carrying the Flame – Jasmine Rae

Small Talk – Shelley Minson and Bobby Cash

Honey – Gareth Leach

Never Meant to Break Your Heart – Andrew Swift

Leave Me Out to Dry – Riley Catherall

Sweet Old Release – Allison Forbes

Running On Empty – Aaron D’Arcy

Drop on by – 8 Ball Aitken

Unlikely Believer – Gretta Ziller

You Remind Me of Myself – Lachlan Bryan and The Wildes

She’s Leaving Melbourne – John Flanagan

You Can’t Hide From A Broken Heart – Sally-Anne Whitten

Do you want love with that – Wendy Wood

Adelaide – The April Family

I Get it Now – Amber Lawrence

I Could Dance With You – Aleyce Simmonds

I’m Gonna Love Her All The Time – Montgomery Church

Too Far Gone – Catherine Britt

The One Who Makes Her Cry – Kristy Cox

Drunk Talking – Travis List

Think Again – Ian Burns

Drive Him Crazy – Gayle O’Neil and Andrew Swift

Diggin’ Holes – Great Aunt

Miss you much – Susan Lily

Too Far to Go – Matt Joe Gow featuring The Weeping Willows

Livin’ on Gold Street – Ben Mastwyk

The Battle of Point Nepean – Benny Allen

Acorns – The Weeping Willows

40,000 star hotel – Kelly Brouhaha

Water over wine – Natalie Henry

My Old Man No More – Phil and Lana Doublet

Happy Australia Day – Luke O’Shea and Kevin Bennett

All My Life – Lyn Bowtell

Speck of Dust – Felicity Urquhart

Catherine Hill – Ashleigh Dallas

I Saw You Smile Today – Darren Colston

Six Decks to Darwin – Dean Perrett

Son and Moon – Cameron Daddo

I Wish That I Was Honky Tonkin’ – James Ellis and the Jealous Guys

What I Know Now – Georgia State Line and Patrick Wilson

Tattoos Trucks and Country Music – Matt Ward

One Last Time – Craig Lloyd

3 Minute Movie – Angus Gill and Seasons of Change

Kick it Tomorrow – Liam Brew

Dreamer’s Tired Mind – Katie Brooke

Rainy Day – Travis Collins

Far Above My Head – Mitch Dean

Green and Blue – Hayley Marsten

Coming Down in Spades – Ben Ransom

The Truth – Rory Phillips

The Arsonist – Dom Italiano and Gretta Ziller

Outback Lullaby – Dani Young

Chasing the Sun –  Andy Penkow

Man on the Mountain – Andy Nelson

Run to the River – Andy Golledge

Woronora River – Johnny K

Couldn’t Promise You Rain – Clint Wilson

Forget Her – Jen Mize and Duncan Toombs

Who I Am – Andy Toombs

Like I Used To – Michael Waugh

A Break in the Clouds – Cathy Dobson

I do – Allan Caswell and Donna Fisk

I Turn to you – Kevin Sullivan

Mixed Bag – Innocent Eve

Let You Love Me – The New Graces

Ash and Dust – Blake Dantier

Absolute – Brandon Dodd

Get Lost – Clancy Pye

Kazbar – The Wrap

Classic – Oleanders – Kevin Johnson

Into the Sun – Daniel Reeves

If We Said Goodbye – Natalie Henry


Playlist if I was on radio 8 July 2018

Listen to the words (Theme Song) – Luke O’Shea

(This week listing songs by acts that I hopefully will see at Hats Off this week)

What’s on at Hats Off, Tamworth

Top 10

Album Reviews

_ A glance at Rory Phillips _

I will sing you up – Luke O’Shea

Red Head At Heart – Melissa Robertson

I’ll have love with that – Wendy Wood

Gone – Allison Forbes

When The Seasons Change – Kora Naughton

All The Rivers In Between – Peter Dawson

Sail Away – Ashleigh Dallas

I’ll love her long – Anthony Taylor

Between the lies – Marie Hodson

Walking in Circles – Sandra Humphries

No one will ever know – Jodie Crosby

Feels like coming home – Brendan Smoother

On the corner of Hope and Divine – Cathy Dobson

Shake of a hand – Adam Harvey

Believe – Aleyce Simmonds

From the bottom of a well – Brad Butcher

Safe in the arms of love – Ian Burns

Found my way home – Brad Cox

Old Wallerawang – Rex Dallas

Lead On – Becci Nethery

Moonshine – Kylie Adams – Collier

Playlist if I was on community radio – 2nd July, 2018

Listen to the Words – Luke O’Shea (theme song)

One Satin Dress – Craig Stewart

Opposite Prayers – Beccy Cole

Long Haul – Sovereign

Through My Veins – Rick Hart

Your Troubled Mind – Montgomery Church

Free Spirited Girl – Susan Lily

You Can’t Hide From A Broken Heart – Sally-Anne Whitten

You Drink – Sandra Humphries

History of Us – Jodie Crosby

Huckleberry – Dan Murphy

The Old Winter Wind – Khristian Mizzi

The Devil and His Son – Andrew Swift

Top 10

Peace in the Valley – Lachlan Bryan and The Wildes

Patsy Cline and a Bottle of Wine – Anne Kirkpatrick

Handle Love With Care – Connie Kis Andersen

Honest Man – John Flanagan Trio

Brand New Strings – Sami and Troy Kemp

A Schooner too much – Brendan Smoother

A Moment Like This – Cathy Dobson

Working on the Land – Col Finley

Letters from the frontline – Darren Colston

I Don’t Have Far To Fall – Mitchell Shadlow

As above, so below – Aleyce Simmonds and Shane Nicholson

Wherever You Run – Bob Corbett

Through the Eye of A Needle – Lloyd Clarke

Ridin’ Down The Canyon – Jen Mize and Mark Sholtez

Back to Blue – Jase Lansky

Old Men of The Railway Hotel – Paddy McHugh

For A Moment – Michael Waugh

The Other Side of The Road – Katie Brianna

Album and Gig Reviews

Trouble with Drinking – NeillyRich

The Highway – Michaela Jenke

Augustine – Allison Forbes

When We Were Young – Pete O’Brien

Red Dirt – Catherine Britt and the Cold Cold Hearts

King’s Horses – Tori Forsyth

Drinking Pioneer – Brad Cox

Annie O’Shea – Luke O’Shea

Old House On That Hill – Melissa Robertson


Playlist if I was on Community Radio this week. 25 June

Listen to the Words – (theme song) – Luke O’Shea

Shine your light – Rick Hart

When They Ring the Bell – Montgomery Church

Remember My Name – Allison Forbes

Tennessee Lullaby – Sally-Anne Whitten

Tough as Geranium – Susan Lily

Redhead at Heart – Melissa Robertson

Old Memory – Rose Zita Falko

Think my Mamma loved my Daddy – Cathy Dobson

Old Chimney – Brendan Smoother

Leave me to my blues – John Flanagan Trio

Unclouded Day – Connie Kis Andersen

Sweet Bird of Youth – Lachlan Bryan and The Wildes

King of the Sky – Andrew Swift

Woman is the Wind – Jodie Crosby

Candle for a Cowboy – Anthony Taylor

Heart Turn To Stone – Col Finley

Gig Reviews/Previews

Top 10

Birds in Cages – Tamara Stewart’

Running WIth Ghosts – Megan Cooper

Cinderella – Kristy James

Under My Skin – Kirsty Lee Akers

Believe in Love – Blake O’Connor

Fiddle – Tori Forsyth

Found my way home – Brad Cox

Late Night Girl – Imogen Clark

Countrified – Kingsford Smith

In A Garden – Rex Dallas

Baling Twine – Michael Waugh

Footsteps Coming Home – Kate Hindle

For a Day – Matt Scullion

That’s Why Lonely People Drink – Allan Caswell and Jen Mize


Playlist if I was on radio for 10 June

Listen to the Words (Theme Song) – Luke O’Shea

A Town Called Lonely – Rose Zita Falko

A Break in The Clouds – Cathy Dobson

Stranger – Brendan Smoother

Last of The Riverboats – Brendan Smoother and the Bobkats

Hold Me Close – Sami

Wayside Chapel – The Heggarties

The Last of The Cassette Men – John Flanagan Trio

From My Window To The Farthest Star – Connie Kis Andersen

I Hope That I’m Wrong – Lachlan Bryan and the Wildes

Gig Previews and Reviews

Georgia – Andrew Swift

Queen of Boomtown – Gretta Ziller

Broken – Jodie Crosby

Pour Me the Bottle – Anthony Taylor

Above the Blue – Col Finley

I Just Wanna Be Happy – Susan Lily

You Can’t Hide From a Broken Heart – Sally-Anne Whitten

Spiral – Rick Hart

Top Ten

New Albums

I’m Gonna Love Her All The Time – Montgomery Church

Cinderella – Kristy James

In the Morning – Tori Forsyth

Red head at Heart – Melissa Robertson

Lake House – Brad Cox

The Harvest and the Seed – Kasey Chambers and Emmylou Harris

Tear it Down – Imogen Clark

The Roses Fall – Allan Caswell and The Weeping Willows

My Rifle, My Pony and Me – Jen Mize and Mark Sholtez

My Voice – Melinda Schneider

Tapping – Michael Waugh

My Whiskey Lullaby – Kate Hindle

Tears on a Page – Matt Scullion

I Can Almost Smell the Smoke – Kristy Cox