A shade of Browne – My tribute to Bob ‘I called him Bobby’ Browne

This was the theme song to Bob Browne’s Country On radio show on 2GLF, Liverpool…..not the Beatles’ Liverpool, just a suburb of Sydney. Apparently, earlier on, it was a Col Finley song with a similar name. Bob loved both artists. In fact, if you were an Australian Indie Country Music Artist, you were pretty much guaranteed a ‘like’ from Bob.

Bobby was a musician in his own way, though he loved spinning the discs of all of the musicians. He was like a little kid at Christmas when he heard about a new artist. I remember that he nearly fell out of his chair when he heard Kora Naughton. Literally. We often fell out of our chairs. We danced stupid dances and we sang very badly when the mics were off, well I sang very badly and we talked about everything and anything off or on air. You see, I was lucky enough to at first guest on Bobby’s show and then then I was asked by the man himself, to join him permanently. This came about because the other show that I guested on was folding and he wanted to take on this crazy blonde cowgirl from Tamworth. I ended up programming most of the show and stood in for him a few times with somebody else doing the panel when Bob was sick. He took a chance on me and it worked.

We were the odd couple of country radio, total opposites in lots of ways, very much alike in others. We were both very passionate about Australian Country Music, though, surprisingly to some, he was country rock and I was a sad song gal. We were on total opposite sides in politics and he followed the Storm and I followed the Roosters. We had some fun stoushes. He would love to talk about something off air and promise that he would never bring it up on air, but he always did, and I always fell for it. With humour and spirit, we got through it. Some folks said that we acted like an old married couple, others thought we were more like Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis.

We played pretty much 95 percent Aussie and Kiwi music, though occasionally we would throw in an American or Canadian. We did play some signed artists, but very few. It was Indies for us.

We did this thing where we would do the top 20, but we ended up just doing top 10 because I would add a story about the artist and he would make a joke. It took up most of the show, or at least a big chunk of it. He would do number 10, I would do 9 and so forth. Sometimes he planned it so that it was a song I didn’t like (rare) and he knew that I would go quickly over it. Once we talked about Taylor Swift off air and he knew how much I didn’t like her, so as soon as we came back on, he said: Taylor Swift has been in the news again, but I know how much she loves her, so I’ll let her talk about it……Yep it was a hoot.

We helped each other laugh through the tough times and there were a few of those on both sides. Bobby was a character. He loved his family and was always talking about his kids and grandkids. He had a lot of mates. He was a good and kind man whom I knew for too shorter time, but it was quality time.

We were each other’s teacher and each other’s student and it was only because I was moving to Victoria and he was close to hanging up his mic that the show stopped for us. On his last show, which was meant to be 2 hours, it went for about 7. So many people called in, including me from Moe to wish him well and to thank him for all that he did for us.

Already, many folks have written that Bob was the first to interview them or play their songs. He represented the ICMA strongly, and he really loved his Indies, even more than he loved Bundy…..and that’s a lot of love. When I had to leave to work in Victoria, he said that he would leave an empty chair opposite him in the studio and that would be me. I have an empty chair too, Bob and it is only for you.

We spoke a few times on the phone and we kept in touch for a long while by facebook. I left messages for him in recent times after a final phone call which was not a long phone call like our others, just a quick one, which said too much and not enough.

I will try and continue on in other ways to help the Indies that he loved so much, that we love so much, with him in that otherwise empty chair being my wingman.

Thank you Bobby for everything that you did for me and all of the artists that you loved so much.

Please someone out there find a cure for Cancer. It has taken too many of those who I have loved and admired.

So Bundy On, Country On and I know that you will live on Bobby in the lives of your family and friends and the Country Music Family that we are both lucky to be a part of, always.

I will be putting a playlist together later of a lot of Bobby’s favourites.



Special Announcement – The Kazzies 2020

Gypsy Quilt Ash A/E Trans Purple | Luna Guitars

Hello wonderful country musos and fans,

Yes, The Kazzies will still be on this year, in December, as always.  It is never a big presentation night in a special building. It does not involve huge prizes or special trophies……it is more like purple air guitars and I announce them on this very blog, connected to Twitter and Facebook. So like most things this year, it will be online….as always!

All of the nominations and awards are compiled and voted on by me, I take full responsibility. All of the nominations are from this year only. So if you released an album last year, it would have gone into last year’s Kazzies. I try to buy as many albums and singles as possible. Sometimes, very naughty and very generous artists send me some, but that is not necessary.

Last year there were 105 categories, with sometimes up to 10 winners in each category. A certain funny and talented fiddle player once said that it was like at sideshow alley where it is a matter of every child wins a prize.  A lot of the awards are novelty awards so people don’t think that I take myself too seriously – there will be a few extra ones this year in those somewhat silly categories, plus because of COVID and the amount of online gigs and regular shows, there will be some extra awards given to those outstanding contributions.

The gigs will be a bit limited this year (in person ones) because – especially those of us in Victoria – we haven’t been able to have them or go to them. However, I will include the ones that I went to in the first 3 months of the year and hopefully, by November, we will be able to go to some more.

There are some other extra special awards to be added this year, and as I said before, some will have to be deleted or minimized because of restrictions.

I am more of an album, gig and festival reviewer than a reviewer of singles, but there have been so many that I will have to change up some categories for them.

In a year and a world full of changes, I wanted to keep something the same for you. My main focus is on Independent Australian Country Artists in all 79 maybe 80 types of Country Music, though there is a smaller International Section and of course, our beloved Aussie signed artists are in with a shot. I will be concentrating largely on songwriters, as that is my big love, and a section of the music community world wide that doesn’t get the recognition it deserves.

In the end, I am just a fan. I am not in this for me, this is about you and the many wonderful artists who brought me great joy, in many ways have saved my life more than once with your music, acceptance and friendship and who deserve a little something for all that you have done for me.

I can’t wait to see you all again – musos, fellow music nuts and my beloved Country Music Family, but in the meantime, this is the least that I can do for you all.

Keep releasing those wonderful songs (and hopefully some albums!).  Take care and keep positive and if you have a bad day, you are not alone.

Country Music Mums – Thank you

There are a whole heap of country music mums in Australia that I have been lucky enough to meet who have been behind their country music offspring and have helped them, supported them and cheered for them all the way. Some of them are in the business but many aren’t. The support of your parents and the rest of your family when you are more of a creative person than a “logical” and “practical” person is an interesting situation. I always had the support of my mum who also encouraged me to have something solid behind me in case my creative pursuits didn’t come to fruition.

Just as well! However, my love and respect go out to the mums of these wonderful folks that I have met and chatted with, and all the mums, wives and grandmothers of my country music buddies.  The clips are from ones that I know……or whom I have met. I know that there are many others.

Thanks for all you do. I forgot that I had met so many mums!


Special Mother’s Day Blog – for Mums, Grandmothers, Stepmothers, Aunties and Cousins (who are Mums) and for all the special ladies/women in our lives


These are crazy times. Nothing is like it usually is. Those who usually have family gatherings on this special day, can’t do it in their regular way. With technology, we can stay in touch, and see each others faces and voices but it doesn’t replace a hug, sitting down in the family’s fave place and eating a meal together and chewing the fat. For some of us, many of us who lost someone special in the last year, mums, aunties, children, friends, it is a particularly different year and a difficult Mum’s Day. So here is to all of the beautiful ladies in our lives, past, present and future and let’s spend a little time together in cyberspace with some surprises and some interesting choices! It’s not all country.  Love to all.

As most of you know, I lost my Mum last year after a very long battle with a disease that she had for about 13 years. At first she still had some memories, but then everything went. Ma may have lost her memory, but I remember just about every moment that I have had with my mother. The good, the bad, the sometimes crazy, never dull life that I had with Janice Melliger Johnson. Thus, technically, this is the first Mother’s Day without her, though Ma had little concept of special days in the last few years of her life. She always made our days special while she was still going strong. She was an exceptional woman on many levels, and though we had our rough moments, we were pretty close, despite being different, living apart and having different kinds of lives. She taught me how to love. She taught me how to care and she accepted me for the ratbag, nutcase that I am. She gave me a love of music and the arts in general and encouraged my writing. We laughed a lot.  Thank you Ma

The following are songs that friends and family have requested for Mother’s Day, whether they be their favourites or songs for their Mums. I have added a few at the end.  They are not all country songs!

This one goes out to my cousin’s daughter-in-law or my 2nd cousin’s wife, Mary.

A good way to start the day:

Here’s a couple for my Aunty Patty. The second one is also for my two best friends, Cathy Ball and Tracey Cook. (mothers, and the latter is a grandmother!)

This is for Allan Caswell in memory of his Mum and my Mum and for all of those who are missing their mums today

This is for my cousin Narelle, a mother of two, and a true Dancing Queen

This is for my cousin Tan, mother of 3 hope this is the right one, Tan!


This is for cousin Roz, mother of 3, grandmother of 1 and a bit and my fellow 63 champion

Okay, going to go a bit up tempo here for my cousin’s daughter and her family – Happy Double Mums’ day Bec and Nat!

This is for my fellow country music tragic and fellow Lyn Bowtell fan – for you, Helen, mum and grandmother and for your late Mum.

This is for my dear friend, mother of two and grandmother, and well, it is for the legend, Wendy Wood

This is for a special lady, Gammy and in the memory of her Mum.

For Barb Morison for her Mum – and for being a good fur baby mum too!

For one of Country Music’s biggest fans, Lorraine Pfitzner

For My Aunty Di, Mum of 3, grandmother to 7, and one of my biggest supporters

For my Sister (the real one), Susan, one on request, one because I thought that she would like it and it is apt. She is the Mum of 2 beautiful boys.

For my friend, country singer, mum of lots, wife of a bloke who played for the Roosters and some other team and a funny lady.  Stacey Morris.

For my friend Jenny Keck, Mum, grandmother and Country Music nut.

For my Mum and for Uncle Normie  ( I couldn’t find the Col Joye one, sorry)

for Mrs D Caf, Melinda,  – one for her and one in memory of her Mum

We share two country music daughters, so I guess that I am a Mum of sorts, my friend, David Banks (the girls are Amber and Aleyce of course) this is for his Mum


For my friend, Kaylene in memory of her folks


for my partner in crime at 2RRR, Leonie


This is for my firey mate who likes chicken wings…and Christie Lamb. this is for his Mum, Frankie.

and for his nan, Coral Hope they like them, Nick


For my other country music daughter, Michelle Gardiner and her daughters

For my Tamworth buddy, Ruth Jones

For Alli Hale and Margaret Jones, sisters and women with excellent taste!

This second one is in memory of Michael’s mum, too.

John Dobson requested this because his Mum liked it

I think that he might like this one too….

This is for my wonderful and talented friend, Gina Timms

For my buddy, Lynne, in memory of her Mum

I think that Amanda Wright was being slightly cheeky here, but she is right. A song for women everywhere!

For my cousin, Toni, mother of one (and a very special one) –


Okay – I am going to do a proper tribute to my Mum on May 26, but here are some songs for some special folks

For my Granny 1903-1971

and for my mum

1934 – 2019

and just to finish off

and Mum’s favourite band other than the Eagles…. (no kidding, she loved Greedy Smith)



Special ANZAC Day Country Music Event


ANZAC Day Rosemary

Lest We Forget


I am a 60’s Aquarian child and I am in to peace and love and not war. However, we would not have these things if not for the brave soldiers, nurses, doctors and all of those who served in all of the wars, to protect us, to give us the freedoms that we have today and the sacrifices that they made are immeasurable. I think that it was Aristotle who said that as long as there are men, there will be wars. Without other men, there would not be peace. Thank you to all of those who fight for our freedom and for those who gave everything to give us something. A special thanks to my uncles, great uncles and to my beautiful, brave and amazing pseudo nephew, Elliott Cook. Thanks also to my cousin, Jake, who served in the RAAF and my cousin in law, Brian for his service in the navy.

Lest we forget.

Prine Time – My tribute to one of the greatest songwriters who ever lived.

Who doesn’t love the songs of John Prine. He survived cancer only to lose the battle for life to a crazy random disease which is spreading across the world. He was the songwriters’ songwriter.  The guy who introduced the world to Iris DeMent….I will be forever grateful for that one alone.
John Prine older pic   John Prine young pic
In a short space of time, we have lost Joe Diffie, Kenny Rogers and now John. We thought 2019 was bad, 2020 is proving to be continuing in the same way.
With amazing musos, we always have their legacy of beautiful songs and in turn,  the way that they have passed on their amazing gifts and lessons to the next generation of awesome singer/songwriters.
My dear friend, Clelia Adams did a beautiful version of this songs, as have many. Bonnie Raitt has done some wonderful duos and versions of John’s songs.
A great song with Iris but many others have covered it including  our own Kirsty Lee Akers and Kevin and Kyra.
I am only scratching the surface here, with some of my Prine faves. The man gave us something that we will never be able to define in a few words or even by singing his songs and playing them over and over on our stereos.
My life has been enriched by John and the other artists who he has influenced and introduced me to. Thank you, Mr Prine for all that you have given us.


Joe Diffie 2 joe diffie greatest pics2014 Watershed Festival - Day 2Joe Diffie younger pic

Joe Diffie was 61. 4 years older than me. I loved his songs. I loved the 90’s Ameican Country Music. It was the best. It is more than that though. Someone said to me on Facebook the other day that they had loved his music but hadn’t hurt anything from him for a while. Times have changed.  The country music that Joe sang is quite different to the way it has evolved in America.

I was sad at work and people asked me why. I told them….usual response about country music – never heard of him. I said to you know a little show called Third Rock From The Sun? They said of course. Well, he sang the theme song.

Oh. The mood changed.

You don’t have to know country music to know Joe.

We lost him this week to the virus that is plaguing the world.

He became a dj and worked for various charity organizations, having a son with disabilities.

Joe produced one of my favourite albums ever in country music: A thousand winding roads. I own several of his albums, but this is my favourite.

He won lots of awards and was nominated for many more. I will always remember his beautiful songs and I am absolutely shattered to see him go.

Thank you for the music, Joe. I will always remember you.


Done and Dustyed…….Tamworth 2020

Hey all, Lots of the usual numbers are down, shouldn’t go because of water restrictions, etc, etc. As long as folks go for 2 minute showers and  bring water, what is the problem. Everything that I went to was packed to the rafters. We had storms and a bit of rain which does not break the drought, but helps a bit. Of the 79 types of country music, I think that I saw 65. It was a very different Tamworth for me in my home town.  I had 2 seven hour sessions with Leonie and 2RRR, which I am totally grateful for, it was a big honour for Leonie to entrust me with this show plus the 2RRR showcases and awards and the two ICMA gigs with Donna and co. I also was running around with the Sing the Phone Book Theory for Felicity and the girls…I was so proud to be a part of this. It will continue on throughout the year at Bruce’s House Concerts in Victoria, but together with Leonie’s pink bin, we raised 650 dollars for Fliss and her girls. The pics wil be presented to Fliss soon.

I did not go to the “big” concerts this year. I attended Goonga’s Girls for obvious reasons as I did the Music for Mates, but mainly I went to indies gigs and did a lot of the smaller indie gigs.

I was very impressed with Alexis and Suzie and Becci Nethery’s new music. They stood out for me. I loved the Family Circle gig at The Pub with Melody Moko, Natalie Henry, Lachlan Bryan, Catherine Britt, Kristy Cox and co.

Wonderful tribute to Goonga’s Girls – Fliss and her little ones were awesome. Lovely moments with Shane and Kasey and all of the others who so bravely performed.

Cornell and Carr put on an absolute beauty of a gig, and the love and energy were obvious.

A list of thank yous is huge…thanks to Benny Allen and Brendan Smoother for your uber services.

Alexis and Suzie were my beautiful surprise for the festival, along with the wonderful new material from Becci Nethery.

Ian Burns, you always are my brother from another mother, I hope your dear wife gets the closeness that we share, more like siblings!

Darren Colston, so very proud of you, you will rise again, one of my top 5 singer songwriters in this country and you are just awesome.  So excited about your new energy.

Cheryls Anderson (Andersonlane). Plural, you inspire me. You are awesome.

Gayle O’Neil and the Roadie and Melissa Robertson, you are my family. I love you.

Allan Caswell you are a legend and stuff what others think.

Thank you to Michael Brother  Waugh, Brad Butcher, and Col Finley for the most amazing songwriters in the round, I love you. You know why, I am so honoured.

Same with my Kazzie Male Artist of the year with Matt Ward, you son of a gun.

To Danielle Young, Renee Jonas, Benny Allen and Gina Timms, thank you for your wonderful support and talent. Thanks for helping with Sing the phone book theory for Felicity and the girls.

Always love hearing Carter and Carter.

Angus Gill took off Allan Caswell in one of the best moments.

I loved the Press sessions with Allison Forbes and co the best. So many great artists and a wonderful venue.

To Luke O’Shea’s Song House session….awesome, Allan Caswell’s songs that I wrote with Allan Caswell,  and all of the artists for entertaining me.

The Country Cares gig and The Midnight Murder Ballads were awesome gigs.

Special mention to Ladies of Country and the great gigs from The Weeping Willows with Hannah Aldridge and Lachlan Bryan and The Wildes with Brandon. Great Aunt were awesome at every gig.

Sally-Anne Whitten and Al and co. big hugs.

The biggest thing for me was the beautiful love from the Brendans, and being there for Katie’s 21st. I am so sorry that I couldn’t be there for Hayley Marsten and a lot of my faves, but I was a busy girl.

Big highlight was being a part of an interview with Roo Arcus. I was trying to be cool.  Music for Mates was important and deserved a bigger crowd.

Seeing Michael Bryers is always a treat.

A great mix of new and older talent and different styles. Thank you everybody who made my Tamworth extra special the awards were lovely but they are not why I do what I do. These awards are for you wonderful artists who I write and talk about. Seeing Michelle Gardiner, Dom Italiano and Benny Allen, Aaron and the like get recognition is the biggest reward for me.

Montgomery Church, Michael Carpenter and co, etc, all awesome. Aaron D’Arcy was on fire.

Loved the Brendans’ Breakfasts and Clint Wilson and Darren Colston together. Very awesome.

The folks that came up to me and thanked me for the little thing that I am trying to do was worth the world. Kevin Sullivan, Cheryls Anderson, lots of others.

I have a few album reviews coming up. stay tuned.

Love you all.


Love Kaz

2019 – Country Wrap

Hey everybody,


Ahead of wishing you all a happy new year, I want to thank you all for the fabulous music from both Australian and International Country Music folks and your friendship and inclusion in your  country family circle.

In essence, I am just a country music fan who is passionate about promoting and experiencing country music. I dips me lid to all of those who entertain us and those who support this beautiful genre.

I have had a rough year personally and professionally and music has seen me through it. I especially want to thank my Country Music Family in Victoria, not just musos but producers and fans and anyone involved in Country Music in Australia.

It was also good to see a resurgence of American country music, some by classic artists and others by those influenced by classic country artists.

I was lucky enough to be transported and accompanied by many country music fans, including Shirley Brown, Jenny Keck, Kaylene Pittaway, Cathy and John Dobson and Leonie  and  Clint Wilson and Bruce and Monica Nowack and many others who share my love for country music and want others to experience what we do. As does B and G Deshon and many others. And of course, Bruber. I wouldn’t have got to any of the gigs without him. Thank you to all


This year was the hardest ever for the Kazzies, which resulted in 105 categories and numerous artists in each one. It was such a boom year, which is an awesome headache to have.

I finally got to see my American male hero, Kris Kristofferson, which was just mind blowing after so many years of trying to see him and lots of amazing Australian artists.

Thanks to Cathy Dobson and Clint Wilson for allowing me on their 3MDR program and the great thrill of interviewing my Aussie Male Country hero in Mike Carr.

Thanks to Leonie for letting me do my 6am report on 2RRR every Saturday and my two guest appearances while I was in Sydney.

Tamworth was awesome, as it will be this year.

Sad to lose so many people in 2019 and also sad that so many awesome couples broke up. We can only hope that next year will be much brighter. On the other hand, so many folks had babies this year and new couples were formed.

So many great gigs, including Matt Ward (who was such a gem),  Gareth, Aaron, Lloyd, Rick, Hayley, Gretta, Michael Waugh, Swifty, Cornell and Carr, The Young Guns Reunion, Taste of Tamworth, Jetty Road and Della, Hannah Aldridge, the two Mikes and the enigmatic Khristian Mizzi, so many to rave on about, such a lucky gal to see all of these plus my dear friend, Sir Allan Caswell and Lachlan Bryan and the Wildes, Imogen Clark, Shane Nicholson and of course my April Family, and Fanny, Catherine, the wonderful Melinda Schneider and so many others. Thank you all for making me feel a part of your music lives and for all the joy that you bring me.

To Darren Colston, Angus Gill, Emma Jene, and those who I would never thought that I would associate their names with country: Dom Italiano, Kelly Brouhaha, aforementioned Khristian Mizzi, some wonderful new artists like Michelle Gardiner, Aaron (who has been awesome), Anderson Lane, Ingrid Mae, Georgie, Brittany Elise and my usual country music daughters, Amber and Leyce.  I am so very fortunate to have these beautiful folks and many more in my lot.

Felicity. Prayers and thoughts are with you.

Beccy, you and my 50th anniversary were special. Forbesy, Sal, The Crosby Sisters, all my Tamworth mob

Wendy Wood, you are a legend.


Lots of love and beautiful memories amongst the sad days to all. Thank you for including me into your circle.




Summary of the Kazzies 2019


purple guitar2

For those who find the big list too painful, here is the “winners’ list”.

International Section:

International Female Vocal – Tanya Tucker

International Female Album – Tanya Tucker – While I’m Livin’

International Female Song – Bring My Flowers Now – Tanya Tucker

International Male Vocal – Vince Gill

International Male Album – Okie – Vince Gill

International Male Song – Mornings in Memphis – Justin Townes Earle

Group or Duo Album – Women and Trains – Reverie Lane

Group or Duo – Reverie Lane

Group or Duo – Song – Crowded Table – Highwomen

International Shower Song – Before the Rice hits the Ground – Reverie Lane

Australian ( and a couple of Kiwis) Kazzies

Peer/Fan voted

Best dressed Male – Brad Butcher

Best Dressed Female – Amber Lawrence

Best Dressed Band – Lachlan Bryan and The Wildes

Best Dressed Duo – The Weeping Willows

Special Mentions to Shelley Minson ad The Cruisin’ Deuces

Best Smelling Male 

Rick Hart, Mark Piepers and honorary mention to Kerry Kennedy


Super Fans: Bruber, Gammy, Les, Jenny, Kaylene, The Naylors, Jacinta, Bruce and Monica Nowak and the rest of the Melbourne Mob.

Slim Dusty Road Hogs

Andrew Swift and Gretta Ziller

Fanny Lumsden and Co

Becy Cole and The Road Crew

Catherine Britt

Gayle O’Neill

Flag Flyers

The French Family, Tamara Stewart, Keith Urban, Morgna Evans, Diana Corcoran, Lachlan Bryan and The Wildes, The Weeping Willows, Troy Kemp, 8 Ball Aitken, Michael Fix, and Steve Passfield


Tie: Andrew Swift and Gretta Ziller – Second Hand

Clint Wilson and Jen Mize – One Button at a time

Road Song – The Road – Lachlan Bryan and the Wildes

Best Wearer of a Cowboy hat – Ben Mastwyk

Rob Wilson All Rounder – Michael Carpenter

Wendy Wood Shower Song – Gayle O’Neill – Open Arms

Tv/Music Presentations – Out in the Country – Mark and Mary Piepers

and The Recording Studio – ABC Tv

Video – Cornell and Carr – Things I Leave Behind

Male songwriter of the Year – Michael Waugh

Female Songwriter of the year – Felicity Urquhart

Phil Emmanuel/ Tom Fauvette  Muso of the Year –

Female: Chelsea Allen

Male Damian Cafarella

Best Drinking Song – Whiskey Song – Tie: Drowning in the Whiskey – Andy Penkow and George and Jack – Ian Burns

Best Drinking Song – All other Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic drinking songs – Water over Wine – Natalie Henry

Celtic Flavoured Country Song – We’d Prefer You Pay in Cash – Angus Gill

Off the Cuff Album – Some Other Morning – Khristian Mizzi

Bluegrass Release – Bad Politics – Allan Caswell and Damian Cafarella

If Ned Kelly and Waylon Jennings had a baby Outlaw award: Rory Ellis

The HHHottest country song of the year award – One Button at a time – Jen Mize and Clint Wilson

All Australian Song – Sing Me A Story – Luke O’Shea and Lyn Bowtell

Stan Coster Fair Dinkum All Australian Album – Tie – The Weir – Michael Waugh and Aussie As – Matt Scullion

Best Venues: The Mantra, Yarraville, The Press Club Tamworth and The Union Hotel, Brunswick

The Artists Helping Artists Award : The Long and The Short of It

Nathaniel O’Brien Rising Star Male – Nathan Seeckts

Rising star Male Song – Three Brothers – Nathan Seeckts

Kate Cook Rising Star Female – Katie Bates

Rising Star Female song – Hey Honey – Georgie Taylor

Jack In the Box Male – Dom Italiano

Jack in The Box Female – Katie Bates

Country Blues Album Male – Aaron D’Arcy – Charcoal and Ash

Country Blues Album Female – Kelly Brouhaha – Self Titled Album

Country Rock Album Male – Luke Dickens – After The Rain

Country Rock Album Female – Christie Lamb – Broken Lines

Country Soultry Album – Mat Black – Trucker Caps and Heart Attacks

Country Folk Album –  Male – Kelly Cork – Where I’m Going

Country Folk Album – Female – Claire Anne Taylor – All the Words

Best Covers Song – I’ll Be Home Soon – Gary Ellis and Tessa Libreri

Traditional Album – Welcome to My Heart – Angus Gill

Traditional Song – Tumbleweed – Roo Arcus

Most Liked/Shared Totally Biased Fan Review – Charcoal and Ash – Aaron D’Arcy  in a tight finish with Khristian Mizzi’s Some Other Morning

Best River song – River – Kelly Brouhaha

Best Train Song – Train to Godforsaken – Allan Caswell

Karl Broadie More than a song song – Tie – In the Cards – Angus Gill and Blue had You by The April Family

Best Song containing names of famous people: Cash – Gina Jeffreys

Audrey Auld Courage Awards – Jason Kemp, Felicity Urquhart, Bob Browne, Clelia Adams, Cazna Goodall, Jane E Robertson, The Bobkatz, Rodney Walker, Carter and Carter, Wendy Wood, Keri McInerney and Col Finley

Best Gigs – Tamworth – Woman Enough – Melody Moko, Fanny Lumsden, Catherine Britt, Natalie Henry, Gretta Ziller

Lyn Bowtell, Beccy Cole, Gina Jeffreys and Tania Kernaghan

Lock the Gate

Brad Butcher and Felicity Urquhart

Allison Forbes Medicine Shows

Best Gig (for the Vibe) – The Matt Ward Melbourne Album Launch and Gareth Leach and the Drunken Poachers – The Retreat

Most Unique Gig –

Carter and Carter, Megan Sidwell and Fred Smith – Songwriters in the Round – Tamworth Services Club

Best Quotes – Too Many!

Best Album Cover Art – Kristy Arthurson for Khristian Mizzi album Some Other Morning

Best Speech – Beccy Cole, accepting Golden Guitar for Best Female Vocal

Best Country Radio Show – Tie – Jukebox Junkie – Beth Brown and The Breakfast Show with Cathy Dobson and Clint Wilson

John Minson Best Radio Presenter – Leonie McClure

Best Country Music Radio Station – 2RRR – Leonie, Terry, Ronnie Boy and all the gang

Mall of Fame – Lyn Bowtell, Kevin Johnson and Glen Hannah

Humanitarian – Big Purple Heart Awards – Lyn Bowtell, Gina Timms, Dani Young, Wendy Wood, Leonie McClure, Amber Lawrence, Andrew Swift (for his work with the Dog on the Tuckerbox), Daniel Thompson, Melinda Schneider and Ryan Daykin

Special Kazzies: Katie Jayne for instigating the post on here recognizing Singles in The Single Life.

Purple Moments –

Adam and Brooke explaining the difference between Collaboration and Duo at the GG’s

Michael Waugh singing to his Mum at Maffra

Imogen Clark and the words that she said to me on the Red Carpet at the GGs

Swifty’s wins at the GGs

The beautiful connection that our country music family has.

Concept Album – Matt Ward – Heartland (Male) Hayley Marsten – Spectacular Heartbreak – (female)

Best House Concert – Shane Nicholson, Swifty and Michael Waugh – Jenny Keck’s House

Best Gigs – Fanny Lumsden (Female) Spotted Mallard

Khristian Mizzi (Male) Caravan Club

The April Family (band) with Rose and Mitch at Kym Poole’s house

Cornell and Carr (Duo) the Mantra

Special Events: The Young Stars of Country – 20 Years Reunion – Warragul – Beccy, Adam, Darren and Fliss and Taste of Tamworth at Moe RSL – Carter and Carter, The Weeping Willows, Jayne Denham and Della Harris

The Glen Hannah Best Producer – Matt Fell

Band Album – The April Family – House of Cards

Duo Album – Smith and Jones – Something Worth Learning

Female EEP – Georgie Taylor – The Deep

Male EEP – Ryan Daykin – Keeping Secrets

Female EP Tie – I wish you enough – Wendy Wood and Michelle Gardiner – self titled

Duo Song – Things I leave behind – Cornell and Carr

Male Song – Better Man – Matt Ward

Female song – Chain of Joy – Felicity Urquhart

Male Album – Tie – Some Other Morning – Khristian Mizzi and Heartland – Matt Ward

Female Album – Tie – Apple and Pride – Natalie Henry and Spectacular Heartbreak – Hayley Marsten

Best Duo – Cornell and Carr

Best Band – The April Family

Best Band song – Route 33 with Sarah McLeod – Hands of Time

Best Male Vocal – Matt Ward

Best Female Vocal: Gina Jeffreys

Best album of the Year (all categories) Spectacular Heartbreak – Hayley Marsten

Best song (all categories)Things I Leave Behind – Cornell and Carr

Entertainer of the Year – Beccy Cole

Best Self Promoter – Benny Allen