Kazzies Honour Roll – 2018 Awards to be announced in December.


Kazzies 2016



Summary of The Kazzies, 2017
December 9, 2017 ~ Leave a comment
Sorry it took so long!
I left three off!
Video of the Year: High Hopes – Carpenter Caswell
Instrumental of the Year _ Ashleigh Dallas – Pushin’ The Bow
Album of the Year – The April Family – What We Know Now
Entertainer of the Year – Darren Coggan
Special Achievement Award – Fanny Lumsden
Male Vocalist of the Year – Brad Butcher
Female Vocalist of the Year – Aleyce Simmonds and Gretta Ziller
Not Just A player in A Band – Michael Carpenter
Female Song of the Year – Queen of Boomtown – Gretta Ziller
Band Song of the Year – Someone That I Never Knew – The April Family
Duo Song of the Year – Stuie and Camille – Wanda
Female Album of the Year – Aleyce Simmonds – More than Meets the Eye
Male Song of the Year – Rick Hart – To The Grave
Ambassador of the Year – Aleyce Simmonds
Male album of the year – From The Bottom of A Well – Brad Butcher
Trad. Country Album of the Year – Walk in Circles – Sandra Humphries
Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi, Oi, Oi, – Lloyd Clarke I’ll Sing You A Song
Concept Album of The Year – Nomad – Angus Gill
Vocal Collaboration – Darren Coggan and Felicity Urquhart – Inasmuch
Roger Lloyd DJ award – Beth Brown – Yass Fm
Audrey Auld Courage Awards – Chalkie White, Merelyn Carter, Kate Hindle, Alice Benfer, Bob Browne and Grant Goldman
Stan Coster Fair Dinkum Songwriter Award – Lloyd Clarke
International Album – The Lonely, The Lonesome and The Gone – Lee Ann Womack
Duo Album: Tahi, Camille and Stuie
Band Album: The April Family – What We Know Now
Songwriter of the Year – Allan Caswell
Band of the Year – The April Family
Duo of the Year – Carter and Carter
Jump For Joy Awards – Phoebe Jay and Rory Phillips
The Wendy Wood Purple Mic Shower Song Award – Matt Henry, Garden of Needs
Karl Broadie More than just a song award – Little C Word – Michael Waugh
Special mention in this category to Amber Lawrence and Travis Collins for Boxes
Nathaniel O’Brien Shooting Star Awards – Tyson Lucas – Male, Kora Naughton – Female
Mall of Fame – Bob Browne and Grant Goldman
Producer of the Year – Michael Carpenter
John Minson Award for best Country Music Show Three Chords and the Truth – Jen Mize and Paddy McHugh
For all the nominations, please look at previous posts. Congrats to you all, you are all winners.


Totally Biased Fan Review: Greatest Hits – Troy Cassar-Daley


A few years ago, Troy released Born To Survive, The Best Of….but a lot has happened since then and there are 42 tracks on this album. Troy Cassar-Daley is one of the most loved Australian Country Music artists. He has a following beyond country music, and he is definitely one of the most genuine, down to earth blokes that you could ever meet. He has not always had a smooth ride in life or in his career, with some health issues in recent years that would force most into retirement.

One of the most endearing qualities about Troy is his ability to keep it country, in an ever changing and evolving music genre, which has 79 well celebrated and glorious types. He is true to himself and to what he loves most. That doesn’t mean that he isn’t willing to try a few different things or collaborate on a few things that traditional country artists may find difficult.

His songs are mostly about Australia and/or Australians. There are also songs like Slim’s Biggest Disappointment, Ramblin’ Man and River Boy as well as Bird on a Wire that he has made his own, teaming up with some legends to sing them.

Troy and I had a bit of a yack at Rooty Hill RSL a few years ago about trains…they feature in a lot of his songs, and they have featured a lot in his family and his life….I didn’t want to hog his company, so I let the poor man move on to the next fan, but we could have talked for hours. These songs are of course on this album.

All of your favourites are here….Little Things, Ladies in My Life, Lonesome but Free, Freedom Ride and Bar Room Roses and many others.

Troy will be 50 next year and that is hard to believe. The boy who went to busk at Tamworth as a kid will be half a century. I think that this magnificent collection from a man who has won just about every award that you can in country music in Australia and a man who is more Aussie than most people that I know, has only just begun to show us what he can do.

Above all, he has won the hearts of many fans, a bloke that you are proud to sing from the rooftops or from the top of the tallest tree that he is a fellow Aussie or to just shake his hand and cop one of those smiles or talk trains with.

Thank you, Troy for the music and for being such a great Australian.

A fabulous collection of some wonderful songs.

Forgive me for not typing up the 42 song titles….you know what they are!