Mini Gigs – Episode 95 – Graeme Connors


Graeme Connors has a unique voice and he has to be one of our top songwriters. His longevity and his songs that are country but have a tropical and sometimes more topical twist than most are inspiring and very much apart of our culture. Often spoken of as a living legend of Australian Country Music, I give you, Graeme Connors.

Mini Gigs – Episode 94 – Travis Collins

Travis Collins is one of the nicest guys that you could ever meet. I have seen him quite a few times LIVE and I was there when he won his first Golden Guitars. I actually saw him first when he was just starting out….I think that he would have been about 16. He is a wonderful Aussie talent and he is still only young…there are a lot of years ahead of him.


Mini Gigs – Episode 93 – Kevin Johnson

Kevin Johnson, known affectionately to me as “Uncle Kev”, though we aren’t related, is one of Australia’s best ever songwriters in any genre. I have been lucky enough to see him LIVE three times. Twice fairly close together in the 80’s and 90’s, and more recently a few years ago. Oleanders is my favourite, but he has written many classics. Enjoy.

Totally Biased Fan Review – Mini Gigs – Episode 92 – Christie Lamb and Jade Holland

What can you say about these two gals? It all comes across in their music.  Two powerhouse singers who can rock it, roll it and gently smooth it all out for you. Yes, they are both beautiful young women who have something to say. They are strong, sometimes vulnerable, always amazing……and they are ours. Two great young Aussie gals.

Mini Gigs – Episode 91 – Davidson Brothers and Steve Passfield


I am not putting any of these gigs in order or preference. I just want to showcase all of Australia’s very best. These two acts are definitely two of our very best. Instrumentally and lyrically, most country music and bluegrass fans love these two acts. I am very proud to present some of their very best songs….to do all of them would take me hours. Well done guys.

Mini Gigs – Episode 89 – Open the barn doors, get up on your soapbox and let’s get it going! The Bushwackers and Redgum

Two iconic Aussie bands – no matter what music you follow. The Bushwackers have had more members than Australia has had prime ministers. They had Noah in their first line up. (these aren’t my jokes, I borrowed them from a friend). No matter what, the essence of the band has stayed the same. They are not afraid to push the envelope or go the extra mile to tell a story or play a song. Both bands have had songs banned from the airwaves, more often than punk rock bands of the 70’s or Gordon Ramsay has had bips in his speeches to cooks. More often than not, it is because what they say is a little close to the truth, or what we all want to say but don’t have the guts to say it. Redgum came up with what I believe is the second most important anti-war song in Australia’s history. It is listed here, you will know it. Both bands also know how to have fun. From Irish jigs to bluegrass, to barn dancing, these guys know how to have a good time. Who doesn’t know Roger and Dobe? God Bless Straya and Redgum and The Bushwackers.

Mini Gigs – Episode 88 – Bob Corbett

When Bob came along, he was like a breath of fresh air. There was no one quite like him. He was a one man band who also had a pretty hot band including his very popular Aunty Sue.  It is hard to describe Bob’s music. You have to actually experience the band LIVE to get the full gist of it. Bob has taken a back seat and a few breaks for family reasons. He is slowly but surely getting back into things and thank God for that. I guess to describe his music as a fusion of bluegrass, bush ballads, celtic and slow dances is the best way to capture it, but really, his wonderful music and the character that is Bob, is very hard to put into a box. And you really wouldn’t want to.

Mini Gigs – Episode 87 – Luke Austen, Luke Dickens – Luke and Listen!


I actually thought that I had put these fellas in the Mini Gigs already. Maybe they had featured on other people’s clips!  Anyway, they are both very talented lads. Two country boys who now find themselves a long way from cherries and purple trees. (you can work that one out if you are a country music fan!) These guys have been working hard for a long time, but they are still relatively young and have big futures. Their music is a little bit different to each other’s but it is all bloody good country, and I always listen to the words first and these two know how to put down lines. I love them both and so will you when you listen to them.