The Single Life 6/6/2021

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One of my country music sons, Benny Allen has come out with a new song, Tired All The Time. What I love most about Benny’s music, is that every song is different, in style, subject and general feeling. This latest release is very country. It will go down very well in Tamworth! It is a great singalong song and I am sure that Kaylene will work on some dance moves for it too.

A lot of farm girls will relate to this one, in fact, I wrote a story about this subject about 25 years ago! Sharon Heaslip has released a song called It’s always the son that gets the farm. It has a twist at the end, which is a nice touch, and it is not surprising that Sir Allan Caswell and Lindsay Waddington have a great deal to do with it. It brought back a lot of memories for me and it is so true. A wonderful song from all three.

Just the two, a few more releases this week coming!

The Single Life – 28/5/2021

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As a child of the 60’s and 70’s and as a lover of music, I did not really grow up with nursery rhymes and soft songs. My first song that I learned was Hey Big Spender. The others were Dean Martin songs, Petula Clark singing Downtown and Beatles and Monkees and Dylan and The Seekers. My father was always country and my mother had a varied mix. One song in the early 70’s had a huge impact on me, I was about 9. My Ma, knew that I was going to be a roaring feminist from that time. I sang the song with gusto. Helen Reddy’s, I am woman. Sadly and ironically, we lost Helen to the same thing that inflicted my Ma. It is a powerful song. Beccy Cole sang in the Lifeboat song that references this song, a lot of Aussie Country Women singers have stayed loyal to Helen. It is therefore, very apt that Catherine Britt and Amber Lawrence, two ladies who have been through so much and who have given so much, sing this iconic song. Complete with banjo and some more country stylings, these two wonderful ladies of Country Music have done Helen proud.

My country son, Will Day has come up with Countrified. It is an uptempo song, quite different to his last release. Looking forward to the album, which I know will be a great mix of country styles.

Hayley Jensen has delivered us some Karma, a rocky country number. She has a powerhouse voice and the song is up and in front. No quiet times here!

Short and sweet, but the albums will be up soon.

The Single Life – 23/5/2021

The group that is not from Darlinghurst but they are called Darlinghurst have released an uptempo happy sounding song called Unfaithful. This is a common trend these days, uptempo songs about sad things and sad songs about happy things. Either way, it is a catchy song which gets in your head.

My country music son, Andrew Swift has released a new song with Cass Hopetoun, called Say the Word. It is a beaut song and amongst one of my favourites so far this year. Swifty’s voice is getting more pure and Cass is a star who continues to rise. She’s everywhere.

Country music daughter, Christie Lamb gets us rockin’ on the dance floor…..and probably in the shower with Kiss About It. I dare you not to move when you hear this one!

God and his apprentice, Carr and Cornell, sorry, Cornell and Carr have released a catchy song with way too much relatable truth in it, called Beer Talk. The boys are taking it in turns at the ‘lead’, this time it is more Mike than Matt but there are some very cool vocal gymnastics in this song, it is definitely not just 3 chords, but it is the truth.

The Single Life – 9th May, 2021

I have to catch up on singles, there have been a few that I have missed as I have been busy! The first one off the block is the long awaited single from two of my favourite people, Montgomery Church. It has been a long time between drinks. Their album a few years ago scooped The Kazzies and they went on to be nominated for a few Golden Guitars. They have not been idle, featuring in many online links during COVID lock downs and they have been writing new music, oh and they have had a baby! A new album is soon to be released and a tour. The couple who I lovingly call The Custards, because their music is as smooth as…..(and indeed as sweet as), have released a beautiful song, called Louise. A pleasure to the ears and it makes the heart strings go more than ping. So excited about this release and their other news. I know that I have a lot of favourites, but I will listen to these two with my caramel pudding any day. Woo Hoo, they are back!

One of my favourite guys, Brad Butcher, has teamed up with Camille Trail for an amazing duet, Holding Pattern. This is one of my picks for the year, so far. Two beautiful voices, great song, how can you lose?

Felicity Kircher has been working hard for a long time, even though she is still young! A catchy, cool country song, Feeding the Fire is her big step into the limelight. Some groovy guitar licks too.

The shining star from Gunnedah, Katrina Burgoyne, has been writing and releasing some great stuff lately. Ironically, and undoubtedly, her latest song, Songwriter, is probably her best yet. Her voice just gets better and better. Sadly, like a lot of Aussies, they have had to leave our shores for America to be truly appreciated. I have followed Katrina from pretty much the beginning – us North Western NSW chicks have to stick together. I remember when Katrina was on a mobile stage in the middle of Peel Street up the Coles end of town and she was belting her songs out to a small but appreciative crowd. This song is up there with my top female songs for 2021 so far and likely to remain so.

Talking about North Western NSW chicks, Sally-Anne Whitten has released a new single, Not Afraid of The Dark, in her Funktry (Funky Country) style. Sal can sing pretty much all styles, and this is a rippa of a song. I am already grooving to it in the shower…..and you know what that means.

Another artist to scoop Kazzies apart from some of the above, has been Natalie Henry. Her latest release will probably go that same way. Weed, Wine and Women is the recent release from her forthcoming album. I think that if Natalie puts Wine in a song title, it is guaranteed gold….or at least purple. Looking forward to the album, but in the meantime, enjoy this touch of terrific twang from Natalie.

And now for something a bit different. K.D. has released an uptempo, country rock song, called Shattered Glass. No, not k.d. lang, (I only review Aussie and NZ albums here – others I reserve for album reviews!) this is K.D. from our own shores. She has a big voice, not one that I expect would be singing bush ballads or slow country love songs in the near future, but more of a power ballad singer.

So, quite the mix this week. A few amazing album reviews to come, but this will warm you up.

The Single Life – 21/04/2021

Hi folks, sorry for the delay, I have not been able to hear the music to review it, but good for now! Some beaut singles in the last little bit!

Two of my favourite people, on and off the record, Andy Penkow and Della Harris have released a single together, called How Many Times. Yes, it is a Kaz song. Absolutely beautiful.

I have no shame. I am a Matt Ward devotee. He is one of my all time favourites, and I have not known him all that long, but he is very special to me. Everything that he releases is gold to me and I am not going to deny that. His latest song, Lost and Found is off his upcoming album and one that I am totally looking forward to. It has been a long time coming. This song is yet another one of those songs from Matt which is different to the last. He could never be accused of being same old, same old.

Jason Lee and Tania Kernaghan have released a single called Dust Beneath My Boots. You can’t get much more country than this and they harmonise so beautifully. A fabulous song which has already charted so well. I can’t wait for the album.

Mother is the new one from one of the guys in this world who is my biggest fan….truly. As much as I love Brendan McMahon, he seems to love what I do more, what a champion! I love his music. It just sends me to a different place and time…..and in these times, that is a wonderful thing.

The Single Life – 10/4/2021

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A few to catch up on! Spare Parts is a duet with Felicity Urquhart and Josh Cunningham. It is a happy little number, a bit bluesy, a bit jazzy. It is good to hear Fliss back on the record.

Another Tamworth girl, Ashleigh Dallas, has a great song out called Good and Bad Days. Both of these songs are up tempo and though different styles of country, they make you feel happy in not so great times.

Taylor Moss not only has the same first name as a certain American singer, but perhaps in a tongue in cheek way she has a song out called You Ain’t Getting A Song. Didn’t they once say that you shouldn’t date Swift or you will end up in a song. This is actually a good song, much better than what Swift would release. And you don’t have to doubt it, it is country.

A totally different song from Trinity Woodhouse is Don’t You Know. It is a major shift from some of her earlier stuff. She’s all grown up.

Black Crow is the new single from The Weeping Willows. It is off their forthcoming album which has been delayed due to COVID. I have heard this before its release at gigs and they even sang it to me on my birthday. The video is pretty cool too. It is a rippa of a song.

More coming soon. Enjoy!

The Single Life

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Another variety of songs this week. First up is High Country Snows from Kevin Sullivan and Bill Chambers. No surprise with this song, you would expect a good story from these two and you get it. You almost feel like you are riding a horse through the familiar country from Australian Films and mini series. It is a rollicking yarn in a traditional ballad style. They are a good team, these two.

Shane Nicholson takes us on a nostalgic journey with Harvest on Vinyl. Of course, the song refers to Neil Young’s legendary Harvest, but it is more than a song about a record. It is a stirring up of memories, a lot that we can relate to. Another gem from Shaneo, hopefully there is an album coming soon so that we have Shane on vinyl too.

I’ve never been backwards in coming forwards about my admiration for Gretta Ziller. I love every song that she releases and I love her EPs and her album too. The much awaited album is coming in the near future, but in the meantime, Gretta is releasing a few singles first. Fan the Fire is her latest, and it is quite a powerful song, All Gretta’s songs have meaning, but I think that this one is the most anthemic sounding of her songs. It is almost like a stand up and fight song. It crosses a few kinds of music. I often think that Gretta’s unique sound comes from such a mixed background – opera, bagpipes, country, folk, – calling her alternative is apt. She has one of the best voices in the business and her songwriting talents are always strong and en pointe.

The Single Life – 15 March 2021

The Top 45 7″ Singles That Changed The World! – The Best Longform Vinyl  Content Online

Brad Cox, to me, is one of the best young singers in this country. He has such a big beautiful voice and a big heart. His songs definitely project that soft and sensitive side. His latest, Beau in the Back, (Acoustic), is a rippa. Box of tissues needed.

Talking about a box of tissues, my dear pal, brother and one of the country music clan that I connect to the most, Michael Waugh, has released Dirty River. It focusses this time on his Melbourne home (thus the Yarra) and not his Maffra home. I have been to most of the places that Michael talks about, and sadly, even in another place, I have done some of those young, silly things that he mentions in the song that I guess most of us have done. Michael writes the story of our lives, not just his and we love him for it. An artist, a gifted writer and a painter of images that we all hold dear.

The reason that this blog post exists, Katie Jayne, has a number one on her hands. The Country pop song Drunk Dial will have your toes tapping.

Hayley Jensen is Just Gonna Party. We need some fun songs right now. Here is one for you. Hayley likes to mix it up with some slow stuff and some country pop. This is the latter. Time to have some fun, kids.

The Single Life – 7th March 2021

The Top 45 7″ Singles That Changed The World! – The Best Longform Vinyl  Content Online

Another variety of singles this week, with a mixture of almost all of the 94 types of country music!

Darlinghurst, the Victorian band with the New South Wales name, and the current darlings (pun intended) of Australian Country Music have been riding high on the charts with Where Do We Go. Their catchy country pop is infectious and it will no doubt take them into other genres of music.

Caught up in a dream is the song from Melissa Lukin which is also doing well on the charts and it is in a similar frame to Darlinghurst’s music…pun not intended but it is there anyway.

Any song with the word ‘train’ in it catches my eye and the third country pop song here also has the word ‘gravy’ in it, which is also a very good word. However, when you put Gravy Train together it means something totally different and I don’t believe a song has used that term before, at least not in my lifetime. This song is the latest offering from Jemma Beech. Strong vocals and wild guitars.

Now onto a bit of Country Rock with one of my favourite fellas, Chris Williams, and Born to Fly. Our wings have been clipped this last year, but if you are a muso, a traveller or a concert goer, you really need to fly at some point….hopefully, these things will happen for us soon. Get up on the dance floor (where you can) and do a dance to this one. Arm flapping is essential.

Now we are taking the tone down a bit to one of my favourite country music sons, Benny Allen, who is becoming one of the best storytellers in Australian country music. Like Lloyd Clarke, Luke O’Shea, Craig Stewart and Allan Caswell, to name a few, Benny is really digging into history and coming up with some great stories and songs. He has matured so much as a songwriter over the last few years. Rosepetals and Gunpowder is a rippa.

Just a short one tonight but enjoy!

The Single Life – 28th February, 2021

The Top 45 7″ Singles That Changed The World! – The Best Longform Vinyl  Content Online

A variety of singles this week, with Fiona O’Shea first up with the bluesy Build Me A House. She can cross a few musical genres, but this offering is a bit like a country Chrissie Amphlett. It has an easy soulful, bluesy feel.

Keeping up with the building theme, Lucie Tiger sings Found My Home, but a totally different style of country, it is a more get out on the dance floor stomp with twang. I expect to hear a lot more from this bright and breezy young lady.

Upside Down is the new single from Kylie Gale. It is probably my pick of the week. I didn’t know Kylie or her music until I heard it on the radio this week. She has a terrific voice and this is a wonderful song. No mistaking this song for any other genre, it is a beaut country song with some cool guitar work.

Vixens of Fall were just starting to hit their stride when Covid hit, which may have put them on hold for a little while but they are about to boom again with this beaut song, Break It Easy. An uptempo song with sass and cool harmonies. They are sort of a junior McClymonts, carrying on that tradition. They are only just beginning, Take 2.

One of my favourite guys, a country music grandson, Riley Catherall, has a new song out, Vacant Lot. He’s been teasing us with a string of releases, as we all wait patiently for the new album which will be here soon. Interestingly, this is released in a week when locals in my little town have been up in arms about a vacant lot! Of course, Prince of the Metaphors, Riley, is not talking about a physical, literal vacant lot. I think that it is one of his best, but I am totally biased.

Originally on the Black Coffee album (having one as I write this), Deathwish Country has been released as a single off the LIVE album from Lachlan Bryan and The Wildes, which will be out soon. If you don’t get transported out into the Wilde West with this song (pun intended), then you aren’t listening.

The singles are coming thick and fast, enjoy.