The Single Life


Hey folks, Sorry, I have been busy reviewing albums, going to gigs and my normal work. I have a bit of catching up to do. For those who don’t know, this is not a country music dating post or a post about my love life this is about single releases, as has been pointed out to me that not everybody can afford to put out albums and E.Ps and EEPs. Also, many put out singles and then put an album together later. Singles are a bit like a teaser, I guess.

Two folks who do not need an introduction in Australian Country Music have been touring together and have released a single. A match made in heaven, me thinks….I am of course talking about Luke O’Shea and Lyn Bowtell with Sing Me A Story. Also, another great pairing, Sir Allan Caswell and D.Caf, with a bluegrass number which is refreshing and a little unique, called Bad Politics. Top little number that. I am not sure if it will be on Sir Allan’s next album or if it will just be a single. One of my favourite songwriters, Matt Scullion has released a very Australian song which explains our special language, called Slanguage. It is very clever.

Leonie played a very interesting single the other day called Mamma by Kerryn Fields. The Kiwi who lives in Melbourne now has a familiar voice, a rich folky kind of sound. Mamma is a rippa of a song.

Talking about great duets, Andrew Swift and Gretta Ziller finally released a single a few weeks ago called Second Hand. Wonderful song.

Emma Jene released a new album yesterday but she recently released Feel So Good, which is the first single off the album. She is going from strength to strength.

Aly Cook also released an album this week but her single Red Dirt Road Trip has been released too. A very Aussie song from this forever visiting Kiwi.

Hayley Marsten released a new album recently, but the smash single, Red Wine, White Dress is just as fine.

There are some fine songs being released. Please let us know if you are releasing a new song….and I will post it and get it out there!


The Single Life: Episode 8


One Step Away, the new poppy country song from Kate Hindle…catchy little number but very different from Kate’s usual stuff. Good to change up on occasion. Hell Freezes Over, long awaited new music from my dear mate, Allison Forbes, who has an album out soon. Yes, an album, not an E.P or an EEP, an album, cannot wait.  A rippa of a song and may there be many more. My young mate, Chandler Jay has another single, My Own Personal Pain. He has been busking for longer than any body that I know, and he is still very young. Can’t wait for an album. Roll of a Dice is Della Harris’s single. It went as far as no. 2, and her older EEP will be featured on here soon. The River is a beaut song from Mason Hope which is featured on the EEP review that I did here on the weekend.

Short list this week, but there are many more coming….and oh, the albums!


Do it country!

The Single Life – Episode 7






Sorry for the delay folks….getting on with my other single life which is busy! Ha! Becci  Nethery’s single, In the Middle of this from Beautiful Life, which has produced more singles than most, has been doing great things on the charts. I can’t wait for a new EEP, album or single…..she’s a trooper! Country Lovin’ have produced a single called Feel The Breeze. These two gals are very underrated. I really love their sound. Beautiful harmonies and melody. Check it out!

This is a totally biased, totally obsessed announcement. Roo Arcus, my favourite farmer and Goulburn Resident who I could listen to all day, every day, has released a new single today….about time. I have almost had to admit myself to hospital for withdrawals. Tumbleweed is very Roo, very good and a promise that soon, (she hopes), I will hear a whole album of one of my most beloved artists.

Neilly Rich who have set sailed on a series of cruises from the U.S of A are pumping country up with Firewood. I am an old ballad lover, but I do get hooked on some of the tracks from these ANZACS. They do sing a great ballad too and Matt does old country like very few other young folks can.

Dirt Farm Outlaw is the new song from my country music son, Adam Toms. It is a rippa. Tap your toes, shift your shoulders and enjoy.

I thought that I had reviewed this song, but maybe I haven’t. One of my fave songs and duets of 2019 is One button at a time. Maybe because I have flogged it in every interview that I have done!  Anyway, if I have done it before, it still deserves another one. My special mates, Clint Wilson and Jen Mize have released this sexy, sensual, easy on the ear song. I never tire of listening to it. Co-written with Lola Brinton…..very special.

Great song from my country music grandson, Angus Gill. Welcome To My Heart. Such an apt song from someone of his age and it fits. A few tears and a few laughs. Well done, mate.

Diamond Mine from Mat Black is a very earthy, raw song. Can’t wait for the upcoming album. Listen to this amazing Mexican. Love it.

I love Lachlan Bryan and The Wildes. That is no secret. I once delayed a week’s rent of my flat in Sydney so that I could fly to Melbourne to catch one of their gigs. They are always coming up with new things. I love their sound, their promise and their messages. They have done something different this time….not an old 45 double side, but a digital double side!  Both songs, The Road and Take it Out on Me are fabulous and very different. Lachlan is one of the best songwriters in Australia. You should love my country music brother like I do.

It is so wonderful to have Gina Jeffreys back in our lives. Cash is an awesome song, and of course it is not about money.

Along with Lachlan Bryan and The Wildes, one of my fave Mexicans is Michael Waugh. This Song Reminds me is a great single that a lot of people of a certain vintage would appreciate. I love Michael and it always shows. I can’t wait for the album.


If you have a single, let me know, and I will mention it in The Single Life!




The Single Life – Episode 6

Hey folks, sorry for the delay, have had a strange few weeks. First up is one of my favourite songwriters of all time, Michael Waugh, with This Song Reminds Me. If you love Billy Joel’s We Didn’t Start the Fire, Matty Cornell’s My Soundtrack and Adam Toms’ song then you will love this. If you are of a certain age (like me), you will recognise the wonderful artists that Michael mentions. Top song.

Very excited that one of my fave American female country music singers is about to release a new album after a long time. Tanya Tucker is due for a new album, While I’m Livin’ due out soon but in the meantime, a new single, The Wheels of Laredo has been released. This is so exciting for me. I am such an unabashed fan. If you love pure country, then it doesn’t come much more pure than this. Tanya has a very distinctive voice and sound. I have missed her. New material so far sounds awesome.

Leonie featured a new artist on 2RRR yesterday, who has a unique and beautiful sound – her name is Ria Brcic. She is from out Camden way in NSW. The single is Home by the River. Holy happy ears, this is just stunning. Can’t wait to hear some more.

My favourite Kernaghan, Tania, has a new song out, called Better Worn in, one for all of us who are getting a bit long in the tooth but haven’t packed it in yet. Get on the dance floor and work on your boot moves. Go Tan!

I am reviewing Amber Lawrence’s new album soon, and the singles are coming in rapid fire. I think Heart, Outrageous and Hey have been released so far. This album is a beauty…all the songs could be released as singles.

Andrew Swift’s 5th and final single to be released from the Call out for the Cadbury album, Ball and Chain, written by Cathy Dobson and re-worked by Swifty is out and firing up the charts. Hopefully, we will be getting a new album from Swifty soon.

While I was away, I missed Jetty Road’s new song, No Heartbreaks. It is a good rocking, catchy song. Hopefully, this means a new album soon.

Please let me know if you are releasing new singles. Sometimes it is hard to keep up with them, I am more of an album person. Happy to promote cool country music!



The Single Life – Episode 5


Aaron D’Arcy is releasing a new song, officially, on 31st May, called Postcard, featuring Dani Young.  It is currently being flogged on Community Radio as it should be. It is a beaut track. A bluesy number that is just a bit longer than most commercial singles, but well worth the listen.  Aaron has an album later in the year, but this is just a great start. Gareth Leach has released another single of his last album, (Death and Taxes) – this one is Better or Worse…..the tune sounds like gunslingers coming into town. It fits the lyrics. Gareth and Aaron have a similar energy. (Check out the 2018 album if you haven’t already, it is very good). From two bluesy sounding boys to the sweetness and mellowness of Cassidy-Rae with More. It is a good role model song for teenage girls, in particular. Cassidy-Rae sings a bit like Aleyce Simmonds, I look forward to hearing more. It is a knockout song. I would have to be hanging from the Moon to sing notes that high.

Toyota Starmaker winner for 2019 this year, Blake O’Connor has released a new song, Beautiful as You. Blake is quite an extraordinary singer who makes great choices in what he sings. I really like this song and can’t wait for the album. One of the busiest boys at Tamworth this year was Liam Kennedy-Clark. The Kiwi who is now firmly ensconced in Australia can play just about anything. His album, Another Habit, will be released soon but this song, Bottom of an Empty Bottle is a pure country song featuring two of the essentials of pure country songs, booze and a broken heart. Liam has a beaut, big, booming voice, that can also mellow out. I can’t wait for the whole album, the three songs that I have heard so far are just fabulous.

If you have a single, let me know.


The Single Life – Episode 4


The hits keep on coming! Wonderful Tamworth gal, Ashleigh Dallas’s new album is out soon, but in the meantime, we have her new single, Vacation to trip on…when in Tamworth in January, I heard Matt Scullion, who won the Kazzie award last year for Male Songwriter of the Year, debut his upcoming and now released single, Aussie As. This Karen known as Kaz (you’ll get it when you hear the song), just loves it. The long awaited single from Liam Brew has finally been released, A Few More Roads. The last time that the then curly haired Liam released an album, he won a Kazzie.  One of my favourites, Brad Butcher has just released a new song, Nature’s Course. Can’t wait for the album. This song has more guitars than usual but a song in the tradition of all good Brad songs. Newlywed, Amber Lawrence has released Hey, to be featured on her upcoming album, Spark. Amber is showing her positive vibes and it is obvious that she is enjoying life at the moment. The song that sounds so familiar from the beginning (it is featured on Saturday Night Country)  New Harmony from another wonderful Tamworth girl, Felicity Urquhart, is a great song from the Frozen Rabbit album. If you have a new single, let me know, and I will do my country flashdance on this blog post.

I am an album girl, but this is kind of fun. Hit me with them.

The Single Life – Episode 3


Bolting out of the stables is a bluesy, raunchy track – Next Big Thing (Rukkus Room Remix) by Hayley Jensen, the toast of Tamworth this year (along with Andrew Swift) – they were everywhere.  My country music daughter, Amber Lawrence released Hey from her upcoming Spark album. It is a rollicking track with some awesome lyrics. It will get the crowds singing and dancing, but it has a message too. The woman with the most fabulous name in the business, Kelly Brouhaha, belts out 40,000 Star Hotel from her upcoming album which will just blow everybody away. If Bonnie Raitt and Janis Joplin had a little sister, this would be her.  Just a friendly warning, radio, she does say fudge. Awesome song. Anita Tresidder has released Bucket List which more than mentions Beccy Cole. A song that dreams are made of….give it a spin.  My County Music son, Adam Toms, released one of his most beautiful songs yet, This Old Mandolin. It is a bit slower for this country rocker, but I love it.  Sara Storer released How Sweet The Voice (see my album review of Raindance) – a really sad and beautiful song – a bit different, like the album.  Have some tissues handy.  New Harmony by Felicity Urquhart has been getting a lot of airplay in part on Saturday Night Country as part of her theme song, but now we get to hear it in full (See my album review on Frozen Rabbit). Little Heartbreaker by Karen Craigie is entering the charts, featured on the album review that I have written this week.

Keep alerting me of new singles. I’ll keep promoting them.