The Single Life – 8 August, 2020



What a deluge this week….lots of singles released!

The Greatest Show on Earth – Alan and Trace  Greatest Show on Earth – Amber Lawrence and The Davisson Brothers A Double Single from Great Aunt – Oh, Won’t You Save Me and Rock Paper Neighbour. Breakin’ Hearts – Hayley Jensen, Camel Up Earlston Said – Kylie Adams- Collier

As Trace pointed out, there is a slight difference in title and style between their song and Amber’s but close enough! What a coincidence. Neither knew about the other and they are two great songs, just different types of country. Amber teams up with Americans The Davisson Brothers, not to be confused by our bluegrass boys, The Davidson Brothers for this catchy country rock song. Amber was to support the boys in Australia this year but because of Covid, it was called off. This is a consolation prize, and it is a beauty. Alan and Trace’s song is very country and a real toe tapper. It has a great story behind it but listen to this beaut song and you will get the idea.

It seems to be the week for interesting song titles and even more interesting background stories. Kylie Adams-Collier sings the quirky Camel Up Earlston Said, which has been promoted for a while and it has finally arrived!

Great Aunt have released two songs, and as usual, they are wonderful songs. Oh Won’t You Save Me is one of those songs that sounds happy music wise but the words are much deeper. Their melodies are as fantastic as ever. Rock Paper Neighbour has an interesting tune, challenging lyrically (I wouldn’t try and sing along….wow, fast paced!) What a clever song….warning there are a couple of words in there. Change of tempo is pretty amazing.

Hayley Jensen has a powerhouse voice and it is evident again on Breakin’ Hearts. Again a two level melody with a banjo (I think) on one level and a more up tempo country rock come jazzy, bluesy sound. Quite the combo!

This week’s songs are surely proving how varied country music can be.







The Single Life – 2 August, 2020


I have never made a secret of the fact that I think that Cathy Dobson is probably the most underrated female songwriter in Australian Country Music. She proves me right again with her latest offering, A Farmer’s Lullaby. I know that Cathy is well respected by her peers and she has a cult following in Victoria, but this wonderful gal who has become a dear friend, is more deserving. Her songs need to be heard Australia wide and the world over. I love her storytelling and the way that she picks up on all that is real in her songs.

Another underrated female country artist is Clancy Pye. Her new single Heaven Can’t Wait, is wonderful. I spotted Clancy quite a few years ago now. Her brother, the equally talented Mickey Pye has gone from strength to strength but Clancy stayed in the background. She was in the finals of Starmaker this year and she has a huge future. She is sounding wonderful and her songs are beautifully written and thoughtful. Tissues for this one.

Dean Perrett hasn’t released anything for a while, but he is back with a beauty, Six Decks to Darwin. If you want country in its most raw form, then the dust is on the dashboard and the mud is on the tires with Dean’s music. Play them thar fiddles and get trucking.  Go Deano!

Everyone and his dog knows that I love The April Family. I usually love their music even before I hear it, but I have to admit that their latest took me a few plays to love it. It is a bit different to their other songs, a bit raunchier and punchier and it takes some getting used to….Fortune Teller is a bit of a shock at first but once you put your I’m used to other stuff from them thinking aside, it is a cool tune.

Pretty by Hayley Marsten. I have covered this wonderful song on my review of Hayley’s masterpiece, Spectacular Heartbreak, which is one of the best albums in the last 10 years.  It is a ripper, a thoughtful song which hits close to home for a lot of young women.

Travis Collins album has just been reviewed by me in the last few days. Rainy Day is an awesome song and probably the best thing that he has done.


The Single Life – 19th July 2020


The wave of singles keep on coming. They are all a bit different and they are all beauties. Australia’s Rockabilly Queen, Shelley Minson and India’s favourite cowboy, Bobby Cash have joined forces to release the very trad country duet, Small Talk. It is a little rippa.  Multi talented Cameron Daddo has released an EP, with the title track the best of the lot, Son and Moon. a wonderful song. I will be playing it a lot.

Now for an artist that I am more than totally biased about. Finally, the Queen of Melbournetown has released a new single,  Unlikely Believer. Gretta Ziller has released a wonderful new song. Hopefully, this is the first of many new songs.

There are lots of new songs coming soon. Support our country musos please. They need you.



The Single Life – 13th July


Some of my favourite sons (and a couple of speccy gals) are featured today. Gareth Leach hit number one over night with his song Honey. It is a bluesy, rocky, refrain. He is the king of the singles at the moment, releasing a few in a row.

Benny Allen released a single that Craig Stewart, Eric Bogle and Lloyd Clarke would be proud of with The Battle of Point Nepean, which is a wonderful historical tribute. I Wish that I was Honky Tonkin’ from the cleverly named constant Melbourne pub band, James Ellis and the Jealous Guys is a rippa. It is a cross between Gram Parsons and Hank Williams.

The first of many singles from the upcoming album that many of us have been hanging for, Last Cigarette by Melody Moko. It is just brilliant….can’t wait for some more from one of our finest singer/songwriters.

Leave Me Out to dry by Riley Catherall is another beauty, lyrically and with an easy lilting tune that allow even the toughest of us to melt. Ahh, a special son.

Twanging her way into your heart is Michelle Little with Nice to See you. This song is getting a lot of airplay and it is well deserved. Reminiscent of early 60’s American country, like Patsy and Loretta, it is top notch.

Paddy McHugh and Dan Rennie belt out an important song, particularly in these times when we have to think very hard about who we are and who we want to be and how we want to be remembered. Honouring the wonderful indigenous people of our country and remembering how we should be treating others how we would like to be treated ourselves, no matter where we come from.

Finally, it is no secret how much I love and admire Matt Ward as an artist and as a person. He received the best male vocal at the Kazzies last year and it was well deserved. I am delighted that he is continuing on with some great music. This song is a change of pace for Matt, Tattoos, Trucks and Country Music is a little bit raunchier and wilder than some of his other tracks, but it is lyrically en pointe and shows that he can be versatile. It is a country rocking track.




The Single Life – 4th July, 2020


Heaps of singles hitting the airwaves at the moment. First up is the man with a thousand bands, Michael Carpenter and The Banks Brothers with Honky Tonker……like having three Ben Mastwyks and a pedal steel… is a bit of a trip down memory lane with a modern touch. It is good to keep the country in country….and then some.

Craig Lloyd sings a song that is all too familiar in these hard times, One Last Time. A song that a lot of people will be able to relate to.

My country music grandson, Angus Gill has put together something a bit different with Seasons of Change and a song called 3 minute movie. It is a boppy, catchy song that will have everyone tapping their feet and singing along.

Four of the finest Aussie Country Music gals: Amber Lawrence, Aleyce Simmonds, Kirsty Lee Akers and Dianna Corcoran got together via a link up during these last few months and did a one off harmonising session of Aussie classic, True Blue. It caused so much fuss that the girls have released it as a single and have put together a proper video. It went straight to no. 1. Any stupid person who continues to say that we don’t have any fantastic female singers in this country really should slap themselves over the head with a 2 x 4.

The ANZAC husband and wife team, NeillyRich have released My Town. This is a song for bootscooters. It sounds like something Troy Kemp would write. It is a bit of a wild ride with lots of guitars and drums and a bit of a different sound for these two. Have a rocking good time with this one.

I have waited a long time for Liam Brew to release new music. He actually won best album in one of the first Kazzie Awards. Kick it Tomorrow is hopefully the first of many new songs from Liam. He has a wonderful ability of combining something heartfelt with something that you can get up on the dance floor and do something a little wild to. Not many people can do both in one song.

The Pearly Gates Bridge is a true storyteller’s song by Warren Kearney and Lola Brinton. It is listed as a Christian and Gospel song on iTunes, and I guess the narrative and title suggest that, but it is not overtly that way.

Today’s singles show the diversity of talent and country music in Australia. Lots more to come.

The Single Life – 28 June 2020


First up is Innocent Eve’s Mixed Bag. It is a sweet song in more ways than one. In this current climate, it is an apt song. “Throw the sticks and stones away” …….it probably should be an anthem. It has a “Little Egypt” feel to it with one of the best riffs of 2020….to rival Lachlan Bryan and the Wildes’ song. It will also make those with a sweet tooth very hungry and nostalgic. Reminiscent of the Melting Pot song but with a 2020 twist. Great job, gals.

Swifty (Andrew Swift) has come up with a beauty in a double dose couple of weeks after his release with Gayle O’Neil (see previous post). Never Meant to Break Your Heart. I have seen and heard Andrew play this live and I feel like I  have heard both sides of the story. It is a rippa of a song and a story.  Good one, Swifty.

Emma Dykes has released This Nurse off the wonderful album, The Riddle of Life. It is another song that is apt for the times. Some of the best true to life lines that I have heard for a while. I know a lot of nurses……and I am related to a lot. I get it. What would we do without nurses, especially in these times. If you love Fanny Lumsden, you will love Emma, great sound (see my previous album review).



The Single Life 21st June 2020


It is a mad rush of singles at the moment. They are all very different and from a diverse age range and from all over the country.

First up is Jemma Nicole’s “Ride or Die” which is a rollicking, rocking number and bound to get you up on your feet. Ben Ransom has released another single off his forthcoming album….Coming down in Spades –  it is a country rocking, toe tapper and extremely catchy.  The Truth is the long awaited new music from 13 year old Rory Phillips. Listen to the words folks, you may learn something from this young fella.

There’s lots more to come soon, I have pre-ordered a few new ones coming up. Listen out for new tracks coming from our old favourites and some talented young ones who are releasing their first music.

Please support our Aussie artists, especially at this time.


The Single Life – 16 June 2020


Gayle O’Neil is bound for collaboration of the year with this wonderful new single, Drive Him Crazy featuring Andrew Swift. What a duo! Batman and Robin eat your heart out. It is produced by Michael Carpenter, to make it a trifecta. What a wonderful song! Can’t wait to have a shower in the morning so I can sing it loudly. Looking forward to seeing Gayle glam up with Swifty on the red carpet and The Roadie swivelling his new hips.

No pretenses, I am an Ian Burns’ fan, on and off the record. He is one of my fave people in the universe and I love all of his songs….so no surprises. He made the amazing choice of releasing a single that is not on his current amazing album, called Think Again, which I think is one of his best songs ever. I love it when artists do this. It is courageous, refreshing and what more should do.

I have not made any secrets of the fact that I love Ben Mastwyk. To me he is the quintessential cowboy with a fresh twist. His new song is Devil So Close. I so love Ben’s music. I can’t wait for his new album. Please give him a listen. He is the real thang.

Keep ’em coming folks.




The Single Life – 13th June 2020


The singles are coming thick and fast at the moment. Leonie dedicated 7 hours today on new singles and interviews with their owners. I have reviewed some of them before, but there are a few here.

Dom Italiano  (featuring Gretta Ziller) – The Arsonist. is a beautifully produced song from one of my favourite rising stars and the Queen of Melbourne town. They are two of the busiest artists in Victoria at any given time.

Dani Young co-wrote this song with Damien Leith. Outback Lullaby is a showcase for Dani’s vocal gymnastics. It is a very Australian song in content, but it has so many twists vocally, lyrically and musically. It is a bit of a departure for Dani soundwise, but what we have grown to expect from her beautiful and extraordinary vocals.

Sandee Facy is a friend of Michelle Gardiner’s and you can tell. Their style is similar. The song is very nostalgic. It could be anybody’s story of a certain vintage. Even for others, it could remind them of their childhood with variation. Still that Girl is very hummable, very relatable and easy on the ear.

My Heart to Break is the latest from Kora Naughton, who gets better with age, and she was a vintage red when she started – (at below drinking age). It is a catchy, emotional  song and she is starting to find her own voice and her own path. This is the artist who made all of our jaws drop when we first heard her and we had to ring everybody and spread the news. Awesome stuff.

There’s a couple of newbies on the way – Gayle O’Neil and Andrew Swift and Ben Mastwyk and I am sure that there will be others.

The Single Life – 6th June 2020


Phil and Lana Doublet have doubled it and produced a very country bluesy song which changes up from a scratchy record to a shoulder shifting shower song worthy single. The song is called My Old Man No More. If you love Buddy and Julie Miller, you will love this. Our friends from across the ditch have produced a winner!

My country music daughter, Michelle Gardiner, who can sing pretty much anything has released “Show Me” a gently country rocking song. Another catchy number which is easy to sing along to.

About time that we heard from Arna Georgia, with a fabulous song called Passing Through. Yee Haa with a modern twist. A toe tapping, twangy number, reminiscent of Patty Loveless and Pam Tillis in their more vibey numbers.

I think that I missed Adam Harvey’s new song, Highway Number One. A very country trucker number tune wise, but the words are a bit more clever than the standard 10-4 Big Buddy songs. It also includes, camper vans, caravans etc. It was probably ironic release timing with the Grey Nomads and Gypsies sidelined for a while. I think Harves was hesitant to release anything at this time, but he probably thought that it would put a smile on the dial of a few.

Jed Zarb has been one of those musos who has been releasing songs spasmodically over the last few years. It is like he waits for the right song and the right moment to release something. This is one of my favourite songs of the year so far. Stay for a while is one of those swaying kind of songs and it is extremely hummable and easy to sing along to. It is a gentle ride through life’s bumpy highways at the moment.

Jasmine Rae has been a busy little birdy lately!  The latest single is Don’t Do it For The Haters (with a classic follow up line) it’s the love that does it for me. Shows off her powerful vocals and it is a very soulful song. It rocks, it rolls and it takes you down Blues Avenue. A ripper of a song.